Maloki Ananci

male human Priest of Cheelah


Name: Maloki Ananci Player: Stuart Lloyd Age: 25 Gender: male Race: human Profession: Priest of Cheelah

SKILL ( 7 ) : STAMINA ( 17 ) : LUCK ( 12 ) :

Social Status: 3

SPECIAL SKILLS value Priest magic 9 Con 9 Pacify 8 World Lore 8 Sleight of hand 8 Minor magic 8 Languages 8

SPELLS value Stamina 1 Luck 1 Holy Command 1 Bravery 1 Befuddle 1 Silence 1

MINOR SPELLS Attraction Enhance Hear Instill Mend Mistake Pied Piper Repulsion Ripen Secrete Stutter Sober


POSSESSIONS Staff Armour Backpack Holy pendant of Cheelah (milk white dice that glows when undead are near)

Money: 3 gold coins Provisions: 3



Born in Silverton, Maloki was orphaned by Moon dogs when aged five. When they were just about to kill him, one of them was struck by lightning, causing the others to run away. He was taken in by a kindly priest of Cheelah who raised him. He joined the priesthood and was immediatley promoted when he converted an entire Flatlands nomad tribe in a day. However, he did this by telling them that gold and luxurious foods would fall from the sky three years from that day. When the fateful day came around and gold and luxurious foods did not fall from the sky, Maloki was almost lynched and then demoted to being a wandering priest.


Showing how clever he is. Converting people to Cheelah.


Maloki is charming, witty and very impatient. He is also devoted to Cheelah, the goddess he belived saved him from the Moon dogs. Although his intentions are to serve his goddess and do good, he likes to take shortcuts to get quick results. This involves tricks, cons and outright lies. His gift of the gab and use of magic to modify people’s emotions make him unparralled in persuasion. He will do anything to do good and this sometimes backfires spectacularly.

Maloki Ananci

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