Alimar Lifril

wood Elf Prince


Name: Alimar Lifril
Player: Jardel Mcfarland
Age: 125
Gender: Male
Race: Sylvan Elf
Profession: Forest Guardian


Social Status: Royal Prince

Bow(3), Woodlore(2), Magic(1), Healing(2), Ride(1), Mounted Combat(1)

SPELLS value 4
All Heal(4)


Krill-Allon(Bow). Starfire(Cane-Sword). Leather armour. Back pack.Brisnel(Horse) with saddle and reigns. Horsefeed(5 days). Bedroll. Tent. Quiver with (20) arrows. Bernadette(small oak sapling).

Money: 3 gp

Provisions: 3


One of the 5 sons of King Ligvasril of the Lifril kindred, Twin of Alphi, He had some bad arguments with his parents about a Human Maiden called Bernadette (who is the daughter of a rich merchant who sents a annual merchant caravan to the meeting place that the Elves agrees on).

Bernadette and Alimar fall in love over the course of the month the caravan stays. The caravan leaves, but Bernadette stays.

The fifth brother Ragnisril poisions Bernadette because he thinks she is bad for Alimar. Alimar cures Bernadette but she is weak and dying. Alimar finds a spell that could save her. While he was searching for this spell he found a Necomantic book which he flung into the fire. He saves her by turning her into a Dryad like creature. The spell that he used experienced Mages couldn’t get to work yet somehow he did by sheer luck if nothing else. She hasn’t came out of Her tree yet.

Alphi offered Alimar a Job in the Forest Guardians to get away from the family awhile. Alimar accepted.

Ragnisril picked up the Necromantic book and fled into the forest and hasn’t been seen since.

Self-discovory and answers.


Kind and gentle.Hard to get angry but when he does he has quite a temper.

He is 6 feet tall With shoulder lenth dark brown hair. He has grey eyes that remind people of the moon. He wears a Leather Breast plate that has silver around the edges and a blue gem in the middle.He has Leather gloves , and Leather thigh plates and Leather greaves with metal knee guards. He also has metal shoulder pads. Underneath he wears a green tunic and green trousers.

Krill-Allon is a beautifully carved long-bow with golden tips.

Starfire has a beautifully carved handle with soft leather rapped around it and a golden dragon head on the top. The sword itself can slide inside the handle.Inside the blade is a Oak wand that came from the oak tree that is the parent tree of Bernadettes’ oak.


Alimar Lifril

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