Antona of the Midnight Sun, Wizards Council

Salamonis Wizards Council


Antona of the Midnight Sun
Wears a black turban tightly bound into a top-knot and an oily black goatee beard protruding forth from his pointy chin. There is a moon within a tringle on a hat-pin inserted into his turban. His robes are floor-length, they are also black with red and yellow patterns on the hem and pockets. He has dark skin and golden coloured eyes, is scrawny and has a business-like manner. He massages his hands and rubs his palms together constantly.

Antona is one of the Wizards of Salamonis Wizards Council and frequents the Great Library.

He does not like to misuse ‘the Power’ of magick.

“I argue that the matters of the day ARE the dominion of the Necromantic Arts!” -Antona.


Antona of the Midnight Sun, Wizards Council

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