Badger Briarstone

Hedge Wizard


Name:Badger Briarstone
Player:Gordon MacLeod
Profession: Hedge Wizard
SKILL (_12__) :
STAMINA (_23__) :
LUCK (_11__) :
Social Status:2

Magic 15

Minor Magic 14

Dodge 14

Axe 15

Other Weapon: Sling 14

Firebolt, Stamina, Strength.
Burn, Cool, Enhance, Extinguish, Hold, Honesty, Mend, Pied Piper, Push, Slip, Weather Improver.



Orphan Maker (father’s axe)

Sling + Pouch of river stones

Worn utility knife

ARMOUR. Rough spun woolen cloak

Rough thick leather jerkin

Worn hide tunic/breeches/boots


Family Spell Book

Mother’s Comb (a simple cuttlebone affair with a horn handle)

Sister’s Rag Doll (a basic rag doll with a rattle snake tail inserted inside)


Rope (15m)

Fishing hooks and lines

Bone dice

Small cooking pot

Tin Lantern

Spare Oil Flasks :2

Money: gp 9sp Provisions:5


Badger was born on a dirt poor backwater farm stead a few miles from Mirewater, on the banks of Red River. The dwelling was called Briar Stone Farm due, in no small part, to its harsh environment and his own father’s pessimistic attitude and lack of imagination. It was no surprise that he was born with magical talent as all his family were gifted, to certain degrees, with magic talent. His was not a family of powerful magicians however and, as more than one travelling merchant and roving mage were astute in noting, they had nothing more than ‘simple spells for simple folk’. They used their magics to ease their burden in toiling the land and eking out a meager existence. His days were spent in land toil, foraging, fishing and battling the wild animals that would attempt to kill their, rather thin it has to be said, three legged goat and two chickens. The term ‘Hedge Wizard’ could not be better suited to Badger, supposing you found a scarecrow that could freeze the rain!
Badger’s adventuring life began, as so many adventurers do, in the aftermath of tragedy. His father had been clearing, by way of axe and a basic fire spell, a patch of woodland that had been storm ravaged when he happened upon an old burial mound. Not being the sharpest tool in the box, and hoping for some easy coin, he opened the mound…..and released an evil spirit! The spirit quickly subdued him and entered into him. The result of this unfortunate turn of events was that he returned home and took his axe to his sleeping family and butchered his mother and baby sister, before turning around and walking out into the night. Badger’s saving grace was that he was away from home that evening checking on their fishing lines. Upon finding this grim scene on his return, Badger suspected his father’s mind had become ‘Magic Burned’ and caused him to turn insane. He solemnly buried his family and gathered together the best of their belongings and winter stores and set out for Coven where, according to family tales, his uncle resided.

Badger is in no way the archetypical hero. He is no coward but knows he has limitations. He may never be a leader of men but he is honest, as any country opportunist can be, and hard working. Unless, of course, there is an easier way! It is this thinking that is driving his need for more magic.

Badger stands around 5’ 5’’ and is of the slight, wiry build, of one used to the harsh life of toiling the land. He has rather hawk-like features and walks with a slight stoop.

Badger Briarstone

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