BludMud, Orc Shaman

Orc Shaman of the Claw Eye tribe


BludMud is a young Orc shaman of the Claw Eye Tribe of the Moonstone Hills.
He has been sent into the world with five of his siblings as a rite of passage and because they were causing too much trouble at home. Of the five, only three remain; a male and female fighter accompany BludMud, who being the brainiest is the boss of the group. The other two “got into trouble” and are either dead or have been captured by the Dwarves of Stonemoss who were tracking them, or a party of Elves they encountered.
BludMud is devout in his worship of Hashak (orc creator god) Myurr (a night demon).

BludMud has a brown blood-stain circle of chaos on his chest, and gray clay runes all over his body representing the spells he knows.

BludMud wants simply to do what all Orcs do; eat, drink, fight. He also has ambition; he seeks to learn enough magic that he can summon his gods to eat, drink and fight with. Meanwhile he does their bidding by spreading chaos in the world. His favored method for this is to rely on happenstance, prayer (BludMud constantly talks to his gods) and the occasional nudge using his magic or persuasion. He also intends to own an enchanted skull someday.


BludMud, Orc Shaman

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