Brantus Stormeye

High Priest of Whaan


High Priest of Whaan from the Isle of Crabs monastery on the west coast of Allansia.

The Crab Isle priests use woad to dye their ceremonial robes various shades of blue and purple and generally no two batches are the same. As a generalisation, pale blue for initiates, dark blue for fully-fledged priests and purple for the ‘holy men’ elders. Brantus are lilac purple, because he is held in high esteem. At heart Brantus is a sailor having grown up on deck and having been a ships captain before he became a fully fledged priest of the Wind & Storm God.

Brantus has black hair moustache and beard and a weathered face, with dark eyes remenisant of the ocean at night. He is 5’6" which is quite short for a man but he is very stocky, broad shouldered, swarthy is the appropriate word. He finds it hard to stand still and straight – he wobbles while on land because of his bandy sea-legs. He always gestures with his hands as he is speaking. He enjoys light rain and loves thunderstorms.


Brantus is unusually young (38) to have become a high priest but this is largely because of his wild storm magic. He has spent a lot of time at sea, since his father was a merchant sailor and he grew up on deck. Brantus has been through pirate attacks, mutanies, sea dragon attacks, storms, shipwrecks, scurvy, being a ships captain, and finally throughout it all learned the true power of Whaan the storm and wind god. Brantus speaks with Whaan directly, regularly. Brantus allies are birds, specifically the gulls and pigeons of the Isle of Crabs.

Brantus Stormeye

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