Dagus Treefriend, Wizards Council

Dagus is from the a Salamonis Wizards Council


Dagus Treefriend

A short, barrel-shaped man. He is almost but not quite as wide as he is tall. He wears a golden medallion around his neck the shape of a radiant solar-heart. He also wears a green leather head & shoulder hood with curly horns and tan leather pantaloons that sag over his boots. His sleeveless shirt is baggy and white. He has a green sash and a leather utility belt around his waist. His shin-boots are black and his teeth are snaggled. His voice is gruff but his eyes glow with a blue flame of compassion. There are red scar lines on his arms in ceremonial shapes. His beard is long, grisly black and gray.

A member of Salamonis Wizards Council who frequents the Great Library.

“Oh how many times do I have to explain to you that we are not a coven! We are the testament to the covenant made here hundreds of years ago by the Wizards of Oldentime.” -Dagus


Dagus Treefriend, Wizards Council

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