Egmund Narsh, merchant

a short, wiry-haired 'merchant of wares' with grimy skin and clothes, shifty eyed and enjoying himself with confidence


A roguish trader who has been all over western Allansia, his fortunes have recently turned thanks to the political marriage of Salamonis and Chalice. He frequents the Pilgrims Roost Tavern in Chalice, its oldest building, and is well liked there.

“We be a needin’ surer roads is what we need, armed wayposts an’ proper tracks between the towns. It’ll be like that around ‘ere one day, ye mark my words. Then life’ll change fer all of us. O’course the royals’ll most likely be chargin us fer use of their guarded routes an safe passage then. Any way to tax a fellow. But right now, this is the good times in this part o the world, thanks to the Royal wedding of Chalice an’ Salamonis up there in those mountains. Oim a plainsman me, well travelled in me time. Narsh be moi name, Egmund Narsh. Trader in wares. Been doin’ well in recent times. But with prosperity do always come felony, thats what my old’uns used to say. The rise in brigands of the wayside is a proof of that. Aye so I be needin’ a fistful o warriors on me way.”


Egmund Narsh, merchant

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