Erki Stoneskull

human barbarian


Name: Erki Stoneskull
Player: Joy Russell
Age: 23
Gender: male
Race: human
Profession: Flatlander Barbarian

SKILL ( 10 ) :
STAMINA ( 22 ) :
LUCK ( 8 ) :

Social Status: 3

Plains Lore 12
Hunting 12
Bow 12
Club 11
Ride 11
Mounted Combat 11
Scouting 11


shortbow & quiver of arrows
threadbare goatskin loincloth
goatskin boots
fire-kit (a few bits of wood & tinder in a leather pouch)
purebred piebald plains horse (short but stocky) named ‘horse’

Money: 0gp
Provisions: 3


A flatlander from a plains tribe of nomadic barbarians, Erki has come into the western lands searching for his lost younger brother Jerem a young tribe shaman who left after mumbling about something complicated after a particularly lucid dream. Although Jerem described the dream in great detail, all that Erki can remember is the terrible shouting as he awoke; “Thorns! Thorns scratch the skies! The land is bleeding!”
Jerem taught Erki how to use a bow and surprisingly he has a natural talent for it as he does for hunting, which he enjoys.

To find his younger brother Jerem and return him to safely to their tribe.

Erki believes that technology using cityfolk are mad. He much prefers simple stone-age things that are easy to understand and full up of pure primal emotion rather than complex thought.
“Too much brains is bad for you.”
Erki is a hot-headed bull in a china shop, often acting and reacting without thinking about the repurcussions. He is tall, wide and pure muscle. Has been known to sulk like a little boy when his simple emotions are wounded. Usually his young brother Jerem can soothesay his anger and frustration when something too complicated for his simple mind to fathom, and in return Erki protects his little brother fiercely. Erki typically thinks with his fists, or preferably with a club.
Erki has little use for money because he does not like the unnecessary and overly complicated system of trade when all the best things in life are free, and because he cannot count beyond three.

Erki Stoneskull

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