Garm Nightblade

Bandit - Blue Rag Gang


Description of Garm from Scene 3: the Hollow road

The rider is dressed in brown and wears a coarse cloak.
… a thin, stubbled rat-like face. He has a long, thin moustache that curls up by the corners of his mouth.
His shabby clothes are grey and brown, apart from a faded blue cloth tied around his elbow. He has a leather satchel on a shoulder strap and tied to his belt with a grey-blue sash are flintlock pistol and a long kinjal (curved blade).
“The hells did ya do that for, ya scum?” he snarls angrily.


Garm Nightblade is a member of the Blue rag Gang.
He is the brother of Jasmin Nightblade.

Garm Nightblade

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