Gwurzle the Dwarf

An ex tanner with leprosy


Gwurzle wears grubby bandages and rags covered in pus and grime from weeping sores and dust that clings to it. He has a pipe in a pouch around his neck.
His beard is not thick and bushy like most Dwarves but straggly and thin, as is his flesh.
Several of his fingers are missing and so is his leg from the knee down. He uses a crutch to walk with.
Gwurzle has a sense of humor and a sharp wit. He is fearless.


Gwurzle was a tanner for an Ox ranch in the Flatlands near Warpstone.

He was ‘touched by Krur’ (the plague god) and caught leprosy.

He travelled to Ridge where a healing stone is, in the temple hospice.
But he was turned out by the Blue Rag Gang who have overtaken the town.

His companions are Ugg the Orc and a human sailor, Tav Ribo; both of whom are also pox ridden.
They all three spend most of their time drunk.

Gwurzle the Dwarf

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