Jerem Stoneskull

Flatlander Shaman


Name: Jerem Stoneskull

Player: Joy Freeman
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Profession: Shaman (Flatlander)

SKILL: (7) 4

Social Status: 3

(Priest) Magic 10
Blowpipe 8
Play Drum (Bhodran) 8
Ride Horse 8
Plant Lore 8

Peace (1)
Stamina (1)
Bless (1)
Locate Sacred Place (1)
Sentry (2)
Distant Sight (2)
Element Control (Earth) (4)


pouch of herbal smoke mix
stone pipe bowl
12 spiny-bush-hog quills (striped in brown & white, each is approx 6 inches)
2 foot hollow wooden pipe, multifunctional as peace-pipe and blowpipe
bodhran drum (animal skin)
simple loincloth
leather sandals
goatskin top with hood and pouch
rat-bone eyebrow piercing


Jerem Stoneskull is brother of Content Not Found: erki-skullrock the barbarian. He is a weakling compared with the rest of his family, however at a young age he showed signs of being able to do magic. The tribal shaman took him on as an apprentice. Jerem was cursed with nightmare dream visions that eventually led him to leave the nomadic tribe of the Flatland plains and travel in search of answers to his nightmares and a good nights rest. He slipped away under cover of darkness, following his instincts an trusting his totem spirit, the spiny bush-hog, to guide him.

After setting out on his own, Jerem has had several adventures including helping to save a group of Wood Elves ( Amavia TyrnaeValsa, Ruaera TyrneaValsa, ) from a small warband of Orcs on their way to a folk music event. The Elves became life friends with Jerem because of his affinity with and respect for nature. Jerem later again encountered the same Orc warband, this time saving them from each other and befriending their leader BludMud, Orc Shaman

Jerem is peaceful, preferring to avoid and pacify violence. He seems most of the time to be living in a different world to most of the people he encounters, communicating with wind and plants and places, mumbling apparently to himself while generally ignoring those around him.

Since leaving the tribe and the Flatlands, Jerem has encountered Elves who dreadlocked his hair and taught him a new spell, Peace(1). He has also encountered Orcs and struck up a peculiar relationship borne of curiosity and respect with their shaman leader BludMud who pierced Jerem’s eyebrow right with a rat-bone. This is to protect him from other Orcs who will recognize it as a sign of the Claw Eye tribe of the Moonstone Hills.

Jerem seeks to find the answer to his dreams, through his dreams. He is guided by instinct and dreams and turns to nature for signs of what he should do. He dreams almost every night, sometimes terrifying visions. He has forseen the spread of evil emerge throughout the land and cannot ignore it. The dreams relate to his Distant Sight spell.

Jerem has been generated using rules for Priests as there is not specifically rules for Shaman except for Orcs and Goblins in the Allansia core rule book, which are a mish-mash of Magic and Priest Magic. As a Flatlander Shaman his religion is Animist/Totemic; that everything is alive and personified by a collective spirit of that thing. All of these are aspects of the One Great Spirit that resides in everything living and good.


Jerem Stoneskull

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