Lurgy & Loogy

Goblin Techno-Shamen Twins


Lurgy and Loogy are famous throughout the spider-web tribe for their widdershin techno-shamanic achievements. Between them they are akin to the goblin version of Leonardo Da Vinci, probably the greatest inventors of their era.


Their bodies are covered in red and black Gob-scrawl tattoos of a style distinct to the spider-web tribe, and both their skins work together to tell the story of who they are and what they are about. Which is basically that they are great inventors whose genius should be respected by all, and their eccentricities forgiven and allowed for the greater good of the goblin nations, and have you got any spare food or useful and unusual scientifical gizmo’s for them to play about with please? Oh yes; and because they are of the spider-web tribe, the most magnificent and respectable of all the goblins you will ever meet, you should most definitely bow humbly before them and do what they say, if you know what is good for you.

The Spider-Web Goblins are famous travelers respected and/or tolerated by most other goblin tribes, largely due to the tribes size and also that they are widespread, and partially due to their preference for trading rather than fighting. Although the Goblin definition of ‘trading’ does often involve swapping-something-useful-for-something-less-than-useful, often-without-the-previous-owner-knowing-about-it. The spider-web goblins teach that ‘everything is connected’ and are known for their trust in ‘Fate’, who they blame for pretty much anything that annoys other people about their own activities.

Lurgy & Loogy

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