Myrfoon of Heathton, Wizards Council

Salamonis Wizards Council member


Myrfoon of Heathton

A much older man. He is nearly seven feet tall and unusually strong especially for a wizard. His giant hands seem as if they could crush rocks. He has slippery black eyes. His clothes are coarse brown humble peasant clothes. It is his twisted birch staff lent against the table, with many pendants, beads and feathers hanging from near its top. He has no beard.

Myrfoon is a member of Salamonis Wizards Council and frequents the Great Library

“it was agreed a long time ago that the Necromantic Arts are not to hold High Place on the Council. This is a matter concerning of the world of today and it is our duty to deal with it as best fit.” -Myrfoon


Myrfoon of Heathton, Wizards Council

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