human Paladin


Name: Nazstroon
Player: Nathan
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Profession: Warrior

SKILL (8) :
STAMINA (18) :
LUCK (10) : +1

Social Status:3

Sword – 3
Strength – 2
Swim – 1
Hunting – 1

Religous Usrel – 1

SPELLS value


Sword shield, Plate armour and Backpack

Money: 2 Gold

Provisions, Small pouch of food.


Nazstroon was a priest brought up by his father never to use a weapon, but to trust in the gods for protection and the holy knights. One day bandits raided his father’s village killing all and taking everything in sight.

When the bandits finally came to the church were all the town folk were hiding his father prayed for help but it did not come and the knights were all dead as they were overwhelmed by bandits. Nazstroon took faith in his father hoping they would leave by some help from the gods but no one came, as the doors smashed open men and arrows came flying in… piercing his father’s heart.

Nazstroon could not now wait for gods or anything else! he rose up with fire in his heart grabbed a nearby bandit killed him with his bare hands, took up arms and killed them all.

Returning to his dying father lying on the floor he wisped to Nazstroon, you were born for a different purpose my son, I can’t hid you in a church anymore, go find your true purpose and peace with the gods.

After burying his father he promised himself one day he would find evil in the land and with the gift he was giving defeat them with the gods help. Or not

Death of his father and his faith with the gods

Friendly, Deeply religious (but hidden), Giving and helpful.




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