Plevious Balitrixis

Human Warrior


Name: Plevious Balitrixis
Player: Luke Kennedy
Age of character: 30
Age: My age (14)
Character Gender: Male
Race: Human
Profession: Warrior
SKILL (_12__) :
STAMINA (_21__) :
LUCK (_9__) :
Social Status: 3
Sword 13
Strength 13
Siege Combat 13
Climb 13
Dodge 13
Mounted Combat 13
Excellent Hearing 13
Excellent Vision 13
Scouting 13
Fishing 13
Healing 13
Wood lore 13

SPELLS value



Money: 3 gold pieces

Provisions: 3


Born of high standard into a wealthy home outside Fang, Plevious Balitrixis certainly had a more fortunate life than most children. His father being a renowned General, his mother being a skilled Tailor with a profitable business in Anvil, Plevious was in no shortage of luxury items. He was surrounded by gold, expensive embroidery and all manner of foods, from the Forest of yore, to Mai. People would be excited by the families presence, when they walked through Anvil or Fang, whispering of their prosperity. The family were certainly the usual topic of conversation, in jealousy or praise.

As Plevious grew into adolescence, he gradually grew tired of the constant attention. He was suddenly shocked at his wealth, and his greedy parents. They became hated by the poor, the distant people. Before, Plevious was an obedient, academically intelligent child. Now as a teenager, he turned rebellious. He often stole money from his parents and gave it to the needy poor. In some cases, he had stolen from shops in Fang to help some disabled Goblins who were refused medical aid. Yes, Plevious was certainly becoming the memorable character, a strong disappointment and annoyance to his parents.

He eventually decided that the ‘high life’ of his parents was not for him. He had simple taste, refused overly materialised things and kept his ‘needs’ fulfilled and his ‘wants’ suppressed. Finally, he left home, bringing some money, provisions, a sword and a fishing rod, at the age of 16. He immediately set for Darkwood Forest as he heard many a time its danger and exciting activity. He also enjoyed forests.
When he reached his destination, he extensively went and was thought and trained in combat, survival essentials and fishing and wood lore by a Monk named Jartek. They became great friends and Plevious suddenly felt like he was part of the forest. He admired it so much, nature and undemanding opportunity to ‘get’ from the forest. It would never charge. As long as you respected it, it respected you. It was an uncomplicated principal.

At after four years of the fun, adventurous, dangerous and mysterious atmosphere of the Darkwood, he decided that he wanted to continue on. He was extremely skilled at Jarteks teachings now, a master of all his abilities, aiding his adventures. He left his good friend with sorrow and headed out in a random direction, decided swiftly with a few pebbles. Now, at an older, wiser male, Plevious he completes errands for people, exploring forests and mountains once again, illuminating that adventure he has. He still is a skilful man, often teaching others his ways. He yearns for one more big adventure, one that could decide whether he lives or dies…


To help individuals, teach his skills, explore Allansia and live a simple life, enjoying every possible moment.


Plevious is a very kind character. He puts an indomitable effort into everything he attempts. He also has a strong rebellious side to him. He sometimes defies the Law by trespassing, just to get where he wants to get. Plevious has very simple taste. He enjoys little luxuries (I.e. Bottles of mead, generally alcohol etc). He shields himself from things that are too expensive.
Plevious enjoys hunting, swimming, fishing, anything that involves outdoors, mountain-climbing, camping (Which is also a part of his living life-style, put still prefers over houses, star gazing etc.


Deep, thoughtful, inquisitive green eyes.
Large, broken nose.
Moss ridden goatee with long brown hair, tied back in a pony tail.
He has a strong, stocky appearance, reflecting his athletic ability.
He wears a leather cuirass, with a light dark green vest under it. He has ¾ length pants, which are torn and shredded. He also wears sandals. Around his waist a bronze belt decorated in Elvish design and motifs. His scabbard is also a dark green, bronzy colour strewn is scratches with a single egg shaped inlet in the centre, made out of wood.


Plevious Balitrixis

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