Ruaera TyrneaValsa

a female wood elf musician


Ruaera comes from Scene 1 Half Moon at the Musty Ember

“Three elegant Wood Elves, all wearing dark green hooded robes which appear much lighter in weight than their sturdiness suggests, are whispering in a huddle. One holds a Lyre (miniature harp), another holds a Reeb (classical snake charmers instrument – a conical ended pipe with a round bowl on it) and the third holds the world at peace with his gentle smile. All three Wood Elves have long soft dreadlocks.”

Elven names are complex because they have both a Prefix+ and a -Suffix, the combining of which can reveal hidden meanings.

Prefix: Ru dream, Rua star, Aer law&order, Er boar,
Suffix: Ae whisper, Aer singer/song, Er winter, Ra woman

Her name means;
dream-whisper-woman and winter-star
also dream-law, dream-song also star-boar-woman

Raer means unicorn and this is the troupes open-name for her.

of the (House of) TyrneaValsa (Children of+ -the silken weavers)

She travels with her elven ‘brothers’
[[:Verevar Ousseanddare]] (peace+-flute) (heirs to+ -the winds)*
[[:Jarali Ousseanddare]] (dove+-shadow) (heirs to+ -the winds)
the three travel together as folk musicians.

*unlike a human reeb, a long, thin pipe with a conic end for a dry, raspy sound; the elven reeb has a double-chamber, adding a reverb to the sound, softening and resonating it. It also has a different number and spacing of holes for playing the elven scale. Not only this but it is much larger than a human reeb, enabling a deeper sound; and with the mouthpiece being precisely designed for a double tonal range, sounding low for deep breaths and high for light breaths. Perhaps comparable to a clarinet.


Ruaera TyrneaValsa

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