SAU Desk Clerk

Salamonis Army Union Desk Clerk


a very old man with tufty white hair and tiny spectacles slipping down his long nose. He has a a cage of small yellow birds who sing happily only when he is around. He sleeps where he sits as soon as he has done what he has to and said what he has to. He seldom leaves his seat in the SAU office.

There are three principle functions that the Salamonis Army Union can help you with, only provided that you are a fully paid up member. Membership costs 2 gold coins daily (non-negotionable) and includes the following benefits;

Pension Fun(d)
Insurance (“life, limb & tackle”)
Union Fee

Union membership can help you with any financial or legal situations that you might find yourself in by providing you with a Financier trained in the ways of the Royal Bank of Salem or an Attorney trained in the ways of Salamonis military and civil law;
‘if and as when such eventuality probably becomes necessary’.


SAU Desk Clerk

Advanced Fighting Fantasy Gamekeeper