Sila SilverCat

15 year old female Black Elf Rogue


Name: Sila SilverCat
Player: Rachel ‘Rainbow’ Dolphindark
Age: 15
Gender: female
Race: Black Elf
Profession: Rogue (thief)

SKILL ( 8 ) : 8
STAMINA ( 19 ) : 19
LUCK (10 ) : 10

Social Status: 1

Magic 11
Throwing Dagger 10
City Lore (Blacksand) 9
Excellent Hearing 9
Sleight of Hand 9
Acrobatics 9
Sneak 9
Jump 9

SPELLS value
find 4
lock 1
open 1
ward 1
darkness 1
befuddle 1


curved, weighted throwing dagger
faded black kerchief (headscarf)
light-weight loose black hooded cloak with large pockets,
sturdy leather hip-bag,
baggy black breeches, black vest, leather calf-boots,
scraps of leather armor (wrist, shoulder, chest, back, body-straps, belt)

Money: 3gp
Provisions: 3


Raised an orphan on the streets of Blacksand, in and out of the orphanage. Taken on by an elderly thief, Phaegan, who named her. Lifelong member of the Blacksand Thieves guild.
Apprentice to the Blacksand Assassins guild (pending initiation). The target of her initiation assassination is Phaegan. Since the punishment for an apprentice assassin failing their initiation is death, she killed the master who had hired her after torturing from him the information as to why she had to kill Phaegan (she was told it was simply a dedication test). Returning home she found Phaegan dead. So she left Blacksand.

Sila has set out into the world seeking others of her kind, preferably male. She has no immediate plans other than to hone her skills, remember Phaegans teachings (plans are trouble – stay simple) and to see what happens. In the long term, Sila plans to return to Blacksand when she is stronger to avenge Phaegans death, even if she has to take out the entire Assassins Guild to do so.

Sila is like a cat; sly, sensual, slender, slinky, subtle, spying, cruel, cool, self-reliant, dangerous to anger, devious, prefers to prowl alone, enjoys relaxing by herself. She is also studious and spends her spare time honing her skills. Sila is distant and aloof.

Sila SilverCat

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