Tamil Goldenbale

11 year old boy (Banders kid brother)


Tamil is 11. He wears dungarees, a shirt and a straw hat. He has a cheeky face.


Tamil grew up on the farm with his older sister who is more like a mother to him. He will follow her anywhere. Where Bander was kept in the kitchen to be a maid, Tamil was sent out to learn shepherding. He hates his life because he knows that there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored; he has a very inquisitive nature. Tamil is small for his age. He has a mess of straw-blonde hair.
Tamil is a skilled artist when it comes to wood carving and he makes little tiny wooden miniatures of people and animals, mostly from life but sometimes also from his highly vivid imagination. He has to hide these because his parents and grandparents consider it to be a sign of witchcraft and they burn them.
Tamil followed his sister when she ran away from home, the village of Mudwood. Apparently the kids have stolen a War Horse from the Knights of Salem.

Tamil Goldenbale

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