Tav Ribus

An ex-leper & ex sailor


Tav Ribus is an ex-leper and ex-sailor aboard the Dolphinof {{:mercil | Captain Mercil]].

He is dark skinned but gaunt after suffering a plague from which he is now cured after homage to the Hospice at Broken Bridge.
He wears a night shirt given him by the Hospice, over his longjohns.
He has a whiskery face and short hair. He is not unattractive but the plague has taken it out of him and he looks like death warmed up. He is quite young, late teens – early twenties. His preferred clothes are blues, a turban and loose shirt and pantaloons. He walks barefoot.


“I were sailin’ the Dolphin ‘til I caught the bleedin’ pox off of a scurvy rat bite while swabbin’ the h’old. I told cap’n we need cat aboard, but would ‘e lissen? Bleedin’ Blacksand it were, I’d’v been awrite if we ’adn’ta made that unecessary stop-over. Some fool adventurer types ‘ired the Dolphin bless ’er for a price ole cap’n Mercil couldn’t refuse. Then me got meself involved in some dark ’appenin’s up at Ridge Hospice where I were cured an’ fell in with ”/campaigns/aff/characters/draco-wolfsbane" class=“wiki-content-link”>Draco’n ’is land-crew."

Tav Ribus

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