Ti-Tsang Wang

human warrior-monk


Name: ti-tsang wang or ti for short. Player: Bri Stephenson Age: unknown probably mid-late 20’s Gender: male Race: human Profession: warrior monk

SKILL (7) : STAMINA (16) : LUCK (10) :

Social Status: 3

SPECIAL SKILLS value Dodge 10 Unarmed combat 8 Second weapon 8 Strength 8 magic 9 Disarm 8

SPELLS value Stamina 1 Ward 1 Luck 1 Iron hand 1 Mirror selves 2


POSSESSIONS Plain robes Rope

Money: 3gp Provisions:4


BACKGROUND Raised buy monks in a temple high in the mountains in an eastern land. He was found left outside the temple gates as a baby. Although it was unheard of for the temple monks to take in an outsider, the grandmaster had a vision. It was not clear but he saw something in the child. He was taught their ways but never truly accept by his fellow monks, always the outsider. However he excelled in the both the mental and physical arts practiced by the temple monks, including forms of martial arts, focusing mainly around unarmed combat.

MOTIVATIONS After thieves entered the temple in the dead of night, killing his master and stealing the temple scrolls said to have great power to whoever possesses them. He set out to seek revenge for his fallen master and to return the scrolls. This went against his teachings and more so the laws of the temple. His training was still not complete and leaving the temple and killing another in such a way was forbidden. He could not let such dishonour go unpunished.

It has been long since he has left the safety of the temple and he has travelled far and wide in his search. He is still no closer to his goal and where his journey will take him now he does not know. His next move is in the hands of the gods.

PERSONALITY/ CHARACTER Ti-tsang wang is quiet and reserved. Although he is below average height and lean, he is very strong and agile. To the un-expecting eye he does not impose or stand out to much in a crowd. He likes this as he can go about his business for the most part attracting little attention.

This however all changes when he faces an opponent. He is a master of evasion and excels even when fighting multiple attackers. However he would much rather avoid such conflicts if possible. He still holds some of his masters teachings highly but such teachings are hard to follow outside the temple. They have started to slip in recent times.

[TI-TSANG WANG : (meaning) – Chinese God of mercy. Wandering in the caverns of Hell, a lost soul might encounter a smiling monk whose path is illuminated by a shining pearl and whose staff is decorated with metal rings that chime like bells. This is Ti-Tsang Wang, who will do all he can to help the soul escape hell and even to put an end to his eternal round of death and rebirth. Long ago, Ti-Tsang Wang renounced Nirvana so that he could search the dark regions of Hell for souls to save from the kings of the ten hells. Once a priest of Brahma, he converted to Buddhism and himself became a Buddha with special authority over the souls of the dead.]

Ti-Tsang Wang

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