Vinaris "the Slayer"

Priest of Fourga, boss of 'the Slayers'


Vinaris is boss of a caravan called ‘the Slayers’ who travel around dealing with supernatural, especially werewolves. They have recently been involved with a vampire coven which ended in a nasty stalemate and are following rumours of Ghosts of the Past returning to Salamonis City.

Vinaris has grey hair. He has waxed his beard into a point that sticks out at the front. He wears black padded armour with small metal studs, and a red cloak. He also has a crossbow.

Vinaris takes his name from Vinar, another name for Fourga. He is a priest of the Warrior Fourga whose symbol is the dog, whose colour is red, whose temple is square with a dome (the large ox-wagon is this) and whose issue is Pride.


Vinaris "the Slayer"

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