Chalice Grael

sacred Chalice that the town is named after


a mythical artifact said to have mysterious magical powers, the legend tells that the town Chalice is named after it.


“War of the Wizards! A wizard from the ”/campaign/aff/wikis/Isle%20of%20Wizards/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Isle of Wizards founded Chalice by putting this artifact there. It is one of 3 artifacts, from a triumvirate of Gods, the others being Fire and Earth items. The Chalice is dedicated to the storm god and represents both Water and Air. The transition between these, is a catalyst, you see? The fire item is a red crystal. The earth item is a pine cone. Or is it that the earth item is a crystal, and the fire item is a… oh… do you know, it was so long ago, that memory fades and even those alive who can recall it are forgetting. Most probably it can hardly be important now. The Gods will know. Anyway, they are alchemical artifacts and are a part of what holds the balance so far as the post-war of the wizards era is concerned." The old sage explains.

Some of this history can be discovered because the Chalice is guarded by a Sylph who will explain it. The Chalice is also guarded by 3 sculptures, one for each of the gods. It is in a chamber beneath Chalice which by coincidence, is also beneath where the new Tower is being constructed in honor of the royal wedding of Chalice and Salamonis.

Chalice Grael

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