Leaf Broach

key for Salamonis Library Index


The Leaf Broaches are numerous but not unlimited.
They are typically issued by one of the Librarians of Salamonis Great Library if one can be found, otherwise by Tobias the doorman, Salamonis Great Library the doorman.

The Leaf Broaches are a type of Key used for operating the Library Index machine.
A sign in the Library requests they are returned by deposit into a box next to the door before leaving the premises, although of course hardly anybody does this, which has developed into the unusual situation of the Librariansforming their own police squad granted powers by the city monarchy and magickal technologies by the city Wizards Council for the purposes of detecting and acquiring missing broaches as well as overdue library books and other artifacts listed in the Library Index wherever and whenever necessary. The punishments for Theft of Library Properties varies and is seldom pleasant.


Leaf Broach

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