Bay of Elkor

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“Facing its twin, Halak, on the other side of the mouth of the Bay of Elkor, Rimon is the capital of the Pirate Coast. With their ramshackle mazes of streets and twisting alley-ways, the two ancient towns, perched on the steeply sloping sides of twin mountain peaks, are a haven for buccaneers and renegades: even the feared pirate captain Garius of Halak has his secret hideout somewhere along the coast.” -Curse of the Mummy, p.18

There is an Adventurers Guild in Rimon.

A fading parchment on the wall reads; ‘Brave Warrior required for dangerous mission into the hills around the Desert of Skulls. Great rewards guaranteed. Apply to Jerrin Farr, The Monkeys Paw.’ -Curse of the Mummy, p.18

The Bay of Elkor is South of Oyster Bay which harbors Port Blacksand.
To the East is the Desert of Skulls.
To the South is Arantis.

Bay of Elkor

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