“Chalice is a small town lying on the banks of Silver River at the base of Moonstone Hills. It has grown from being merely a cluster of cabins and huts to its present size mainly because it became an important trading centre for prospectors seekiing gold in the hills. It was the first safe haven for merchants who had travelled west from the Flatlands on their way to Silverton. In Chalice they could rest and do business without fear of attack. There are plenty of inns and places of entertainment, and it used to be among the most boisterous towns of Allansia.”
From: Source: Crypt of the Sorcerer

“In 285AC, the city-state of Chalice was ruled by the aged King Pindar. Mindful of his advancing years and the threats to his city-state from the forces of Evil, King Pindar sought an alliance with the more powerful kingdom of Salamonis. A marriage was arranged between King Pindar’s son, Prince Barinjhar, and the daughter of King Salamon LVII, Princess Sarissa.”
-Dungeoneer p.40

Chalice is a small city-state town on the border of Darkwood Forest. Ruled by the aging King Pindar’s son, who is newlywed to the daughter of King Salamo, Chalice fortunes have turned for the better with the new political alliance. Prince Barinjhar and the lovely Princess Sarissa.

Repairs to the town walls are being undertaken and a second fortified stockade is being erected around the outlaying houses surrounding the Old Quarters. Soldiers from Salamonis guard caravans of miners and masons hired for the task as they travel between the Dwarven city of Moonstone. New towers are being constructed for the young royals, one in Chalice and one in Salamonis, to the same design.

The oldest stone building in the town is the Pilgrims Roost, its fading clapper-board tavern sign bearing the image of an ornate yellow goblet on a black background in peeling paint. It is situated in a crack between shops in a street that topples inward, bustling by day and seedy by night, a pervading sense of antiquity creates a very lively atmosphere.


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