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Characters in AFF each have a Character Sheet.
Creating a new character is relatively quick and easy.

NAME: your characters name.
It should be something adventurous and befitting of your characters nature.
PLAYER: your own name.
AGE: GENDER: both quite self evident.
RACE: What species your character is. Choose from;
Human, Elf, Dwarf, Goblin, Orc, Troll, Brownie, Nymph, Centaur, Satyr,

Every race has its own strengths, weaknesses, and personality. Some professions are unique to each race. Also note that some races are loathed and feared by other races.

This list is not exhaustive of all the races found in Allansia, merely some of the most common ones. More are to be found in the book Out of the Pit. If you wish to play a different race from those mentioned here, that’s okay too but check it out with the Gamesmaster first and don’t be surprised if the answer is NO. A thread in the Discussion forum entitled RACES has details about some of those mentioned here.

PROFESSION: There are many professions in this world.
With Adventurers, for the sake of ease, it comes down to the cliched basics;
Warrior, Barbarian, Wizard, Priest, Rogue, Thief, Healer, Shamen, Witch, Knight, etc…
Again this list is not complete, just some of the stereotypes that make it easier to work with. Be creative, but run it through with your Gamesmaster first!

The FF convention is that every characteristic (Skill, Stamina, Luck) is rolled on six sided dice (known as D6) added to a modifier, as follows;

SKILL 1d6+6
STAMINA 2d6+12
LUCK 1d6+6

The Dice rolling part of the game is done in conjunction with the FBAFF campaign page of the
Invisible Castle website. Simply type your characters name exactly how it is spelled here (possibly without spaces) into the dice site.

Simply log in so that you can enter the campaign name (“FBAFF”) to store the result onto our database so that we can all see it, then copypaste this:


into the Dice box on the same page you type your characters name.
This will give you your SKILL, STAMINA & LUCK scores (in that order).

You can copypaste the link that comes up to post your dice results onto our AFF facebook forum.

Characters Background may affect this, but generally it starts as 3.

Each hero may assign the same number of points that he has in his initial SKILL to any Special Skill of his choice, up to a maximum of 4 points per Special Skill. Each Special Skill then has a value equal to the hero’s current SKILL score, plus the number of points assigned to it.

The following are mandatory Special Skills for races;
Human: No prerequisites.
Elf: Bow, Wood Lore and Magic.
Dwarf: Axe, Underground Lore and Dark Seeing.
Goblin: Dark Seeing and Sneak.
Orc: Dark Seeing and (hand-hand) Weapon.
Troll: Dark Seeing, Strength and use of a (very large) Weapon (club, battle-axe, spear).
Centaur: Jump and Run but have -2 to attempts to Sneak and Hide.
Nymph: Sneak, Plant Lore and Minor Magic.
Satyr: Play Musical Instrument, Wood Lore and Short Bow
Brownie: Minor Magic, Wood Lore and Animal Kin

Axe, Battle Combat, Dagger, Disarm, Heavy Armoured Combat, Pole Arm, Second Weapon, Siege Combat, Spear, Sword, 2-hand Sword, Other Weapon (specify), Bow, Crossbow, Javelin, Throwing Dagger, Strength, Unarmed Combat,

Acrobatics, Climb, Dodge, Handle (Vehicle), Jump, Mounted Combat, Ride, Swim,

Awareness, Dark Seeing, Disguise, Excellent Hearing, Excellent Vision, Hide, Hunting, Lock Picking, Path Finding, Scouting, Sleight of Hand, Sneak, Trap Knowledge,

Animal Lore, Animal Kin, Bargain, Battle Tactics, Bird Lore, City Lore, Con, Etiquette, Fishing, Healing (Knowledge), Languages, Law, Leadership, Magic, Minor Magic, Pacify, Priest Magic, Sea Lore, Secret Signs, Siege Lore, (Terrain) Lore, Underground Lore, Wood Lore, World Lore, (Other) Lore,

“Studying Magic and the supernatural requires a very intensive effort, which is made partly at the cost of his other abilities. For every point put into Magic Special Skill (this does not apply for Minor Magic) a Hero must reduce his Skill score by a similar 1 point. This does not affect a Hero’s first choice of Special Skills (he may allot as many points as he had in his very first Skill score) but it does affect his Skill and Special Skill scores and dice rolls from now on. This new, reduced Skill score is now counted as his initial score, where necessary, and his Skill may not be raised above it.
So, all Special Skill points are spent on a range of Special Skills, and a Hero’s Skill is then reduced by the number of points he put into his Magic Special Skill.
Casting magic requires a great deal of effort and concentration, and uses up the physical energy of the caster to give the spells their power. As a result of this, all spells are defined by how many Stamin points they cost to cast; this is their Stamina cost.
For every skill point put into Magic Special Skill, a Hero may choose to learn spells worth a total Stamina cost of 3 points.”
-Dungeoneer, p123

“Spells costing more than 4 STAMINA points may not be chosen by starting characters.”
-p23 Blacksand

Activating a Spell costs the hero a number of STAMINA points. Reversing a spell costs the same number plus 1. Reversing more powerful spells (6+) costs the same number plus 2. Spells which go wrong usually have the reverse effect. Personalize spell costs +1.

(1) Befuddle, Darkness, Fear, Fire Bolt, Flash!, Glowing Eyes, Ignite, Illusion, Ironhand, Light, Lock, Luck, Open, Peace, Personalize Spell ( +1 ), Skill, Stamina, Strength, Thunder, Tongue Twister, Ward, Weakness,
(2) Animate, Breach, Breathe, Combine ( +2 ), Concentrate ( +2 ), Consume, Counter-Spell, Dark See, Ensure, ESP, Farseeing, Fog, Force Bolt, Languages, Levitate, Mirror Selves, See Through, Sentry, Shatter, Sleep, Starry Orb, Strong Arm, Summon, Sure Shot, Where’s Home?,
(4) All Heal, Arrow-Snake, Command, (Element) Control, Explode, Find, Fly, Gills, Grand Illusion, Grow, Invisibility, Lightning Blast, Magic Bridge, Poison, Restrain, Shrink, Speak to Animals, Spectacular Image, Wall, Weather Control,
(6) Banish Undead, Cockroach, Enchant Item, Exchange Shape, Hurricane, Petrify, Raise Skeleton, See Future, Teleport, Wall of Power, Web,
(8) Assassins Dagger, Earthquake,
(10) Death

*Priest Magic;
(1) Aura, Befuddle, Bless, Bravery, Darkness, Detect Supernatural Being, Fear, Holy Command, Holy Spear, Light, Locate Sacred Place, Luck, Peace, Personalize Spell ( +1 ), Silence, Skill, Stamina, Ward,
(2) Animate, Blind, Breathe, Combine ( +2 ), Concentrate ( +2 ), Consume, Counter-Spell, Distant Sight, Element Commune, Ensure, Farseeing, Fog, Languages, Levitate, Mind Dart, Sentry, Summon,
(4) All Heal, Bolt of Power, Command, Counter Magic, Curse, (Element) Control, Most Blessed, Poison, Purify, Remove Curse, Restrain, Speak with the Dead, Speak to Animals, Spectacular Image, Spirit Wall, Wall, Weather Control,
(6) Assume Shape, Banish Spirit, Banish Undead, Consecrate, Raise Skeleton, Speak to Supernatural Being, Web,
(8) Assassins Dagger, Spirit Journey, Summon Supernatural Being,
(10) Death

*Minor Magic;
“Minor Magic spells are small charms and fripperies, typically used by people to help ease their trading or farming, or whatever business they are in. Choosing the Special Skill allows a character to select as many minor magic spells as he or she has initial Luck points.”
-Blacksand p35

“Typically triggered by a moments thought and some small gesture. If the minor magic roll is successful, the spell works without cost; if it fails, the Hero must lose 1 Stamina point. New spells may be learnt by any Hero who has three full days to concentrate on each one. They do not need to be learnt from another person, though doing so will reduce the time required by one day. Don’t forget that a Hero may only ‘carry’ as many minor magic spells as he or she has initial Luck points, so he or she will probably have to forget a few from his or her repertoire before learning some of these new ones!”
-Allansia p 40

If a Minor Magic spell fails it costs 1 STAMINA point. Some of the following minor magic spells have been gleaned from Out of the Pit; Sprites, p290.

Attraction, Boils, Burn, Cool, Dry, Drowsiness, Enhance, Extinguish, Giggles, Glimmer, Hallucinate, Hear, Heat, Hold, Hold It!, Honesty, Inebriate, Instill, Jab, Mend, Mistake, Noises Off!, Pied Piper, Pucker, Push, Repulsion, Ripen, Secrete, Slip, Smudge, Sober, Sour, Spark, Spill, Stutter, Weather Improver,

EXPERIENCE POINTS: all characters begin with ZERO and earn them by turning up to sessions, good role-playing, succeeding at Characteristic/Skills/Spells checks and achieving goals.

MONEY: All characters begin with 3 gold coins.
PROVISIONS: All characters begin with 3 provisions (equivalent to three meals)

Starting characters have the following equipment;
-Weapon, usually the one he has the highest Special Skill in.
-Alternatively: Instead of a weapon, a character may begin with a Musical Instrument he or she has a Special Skill in.
-Clothing, not of highest quality, plus some scraps of chainmail or plating which just about serve as armour.
-A backpack.
-A small amount of food (known as Provisions).
-Optionally a horse, together with saddle & reigns.
-Money, 3 gold pieces.
-Religious Pendant (Priests)

The characters background story. This is usually a few paragraphs long.

The characters nature, what he or she is like, attitudes, motivations, expressions, quotes.

What your character looks like physically.

Once you have created your character, please post it into the discussion forum, with the title being that of your characters name, but NOT IN CAPITAL LETTERS!
Thank You.

The Gamesmaster will then proof-read it, correct all your mistakes, discuss ins&outs of your characters background, and possibly even request that you re-submit the final edited version.
After this you will be ready to commence play.

We suggest that you also open a facebook Page for your character.
This enables 1-1 role-play sessions for example Background scenarios and provides a facebook style site for you to embellish with stories, pictures, links, a discussion forum, relating to your character specifically. Posting the character sheet here is an obvious essential.

Are awarded to characters at the end of each adventure scenario. They are awarded between 1 and 3 points depending on how well they do based on each of the following categories;
>The Mission success.
>Role-Playing (how realistic & believably you played your character).

Learning from Experience.
You do not have to spend all of your experience points at once as soon as you get them although this helps for believable character development.

Experience Points can be spent in one of the following ways;
>increase Characteristics (10 exp = +1 to any Characteristic)
>increase Abilities (1 exp = +1 to any Ability)
>learn new Ability (1 exp = +1 to any Ability, requires training/seek teacher)
>learn/develop new Spell (1 exp per spell level)

Gamesmasters are encouraged not to award characters too many experience points too often, for example you do not get experience points simply for succeeding at dice rolls, although the Critical Success rule of rolling a double-6 might be taken into account.

If the scenario involves fighting a marauding dragon and the characters work together to defeat the dragon without any of them getting killed, they will get 3 experience points each. In long term, open ended campaigns, dealing with the local King whose land has been saved may or may not be part of the same scenario.

The Gamesmaster has to use his/her discretion about what are appropriate times to hand out experience points. Characters seeking to learn new skills are encouraged to seek out those who are able to teach them as part of the story. Self-generated quests are encouraged and indeed are a factor in awarding experience points. It would help greatly if in your characters Background you write a sentence or three about their Motivation.


Advanced Fighting Fantasy Gamekeeper