Desert of Skulls

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There are several distinct cultural groups, typically with much darker skin than elsewhere on Allansia because it is so much hotter here. In fact the desert is dangerously hot, there is no rainfall and only a handful of oasis. Merchants avoid it and travel around the desert fringes.

To the North is the southern plains of the densely populated Allansia region from which the continent takes its name.
To the West is the Pirate Coast, a range of ancient tomb-riddled rocky hills along which the hill road, an alternative to the coastal land route.
To the South of the Desert of Skulls is the spice rich land of Arantis and the Snakelands, separated by forest.
To the East is mountains and the Plain of Bronze, above which the Flatlands, below which the Plain of Bones and the swamplands of Silur Cha.

Giant cacti provide needles for tattooing the skin and most dwellers of the desert have unique identifiable tribal marks on their flesh, much of which is kept and tanned and in circulation long after the original owner of the skin’ has gone; these scrolls are maps and a huge important part of the deserts strange customs.

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Desert of Skulls

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