Five Ways Meet

Five Ways Meet is the name of a region at the center of which is a tall rock tor.

Built into the Tor is the Inn of the Musty Ember, a favorite stopover for travelers, merchants and local farmers alike. It is famous for its folk music and honey-mead. There is usually an ad hoc merchants market outside the Inn in the shadow of the Tor.

Also built into the Tor is a small mine with an enchanted iron grill gate, owned by Cob the incense maker.

There is a natural freshwater spring from the Tor which gradually joins the Whitewater River.

The five roads themselves lead to Chalice and the Trolltooth Pass to the east, Silverton to the north, Shazaar and the southern plains, the Forest of Yore and Salamonis to the southeast, & Oyster Bay to the west along the Whitewater River.

The largest village in the region is Smeet, which has a metal workshop.

Also in the region is an apple orchard and pig farm, which produces its own cider. The hogs are miniature domesticated wild boar.

The stone dome workshops and flower fields of Beehives hamlet.

Five Ways Meet

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