How To Play

Once you have created your character, you can begin the first adventure. First, you need to read these simple rules;

1 Only Thread per Adventure
Although the long-term goal of this game is a continuous campaign, it helps to divide adventures up into sections. In the core rules books, these are called Scenes and the adventure as a whole is perceived as a movie.

Even with continuous, ad hoc, improvised, open-ended stories; there will be times when the end-of-level-baddy has been defeated, the lost treasure has been won, that the story has come to its logical conclusion. Typically this will be when the characters return to the safety of their favorite place of safety and brag, the Inn of the Musty Ember.

Everything in the meantime will occur in its own thread, preferably with an adventurous title (eg; the Temple of Gloom, Riders of the Last Ork, There’s a Hole in my Goblin, etc).

This forum is designed for use by multiple adventure groups and multiple gamesmasters, although we shall have to wait and see how popular it gets. Current head count is five including the blurred double vision this honeymead has given me, and that head that keeps bobbing up and down over there at the back. Different gamesmasters will probably have their own way of doing things, their own styles of play and interpretations of the rules; that’s all good though, this is a versatile world and cultural exchange is to be welcomed. Except for Gremlins.

2 No Bullying Other Players
You will be blocked and reported to facebook and your information will be passed on to the Sheriff. No ifs/buts/maybe’s. You will receive 1 warning and 1 warning only, and this is it.
Once you have been banished, your character will meet an untimely and sticky, long drawn out painful and tragic end that I wouldn’t wish upon my enemies.

3 Only Make One Post Per Turn
A Game Round consists of every character making 1 post each, after the gamesmaster has made a descriptive post to establish and update the scene. Once you have posted, you have to wait until the next turn to be allowed to post again. The duration of each round varies depending on the nature of the scene.
If a player does not return to post their comment and it holds everybody else up too much, it is possible that the gamesmaster will assume the character to be doing nothing for that turn to maintain the pace of play, and keep the game progressing.
This is more of a guideline than a rule; players are encouraged to get into dialogues with other characters, and to innovate your own player-generated storylines. Often this will take a few posts per group round, especially with dialogue. Common sense is the order of the day.
Some game activities may take longer than a game round to complete, such as a long and complex mantra required for a powerful spell.

4 How To Post
You must state your characters name at the top of every post in capital letters. It also helps to write your characters species and occupation after it (in lower case letters) occasionally so that everyone can keep up with who is who.
You may choose either to write in first person or third person context.

5 <ooc> Out Of Character
Out of Character comments must be addressed with the <ooc> prefix.
NEVER combine <ooc> with in-character comments, it is too confusing.

6 Questions
If it is something there-and-then, you may post a question on the adventure forum as an <ooc> comment.
If it is something more fundamental to the game world or to the game rules, please use the separate QUESTIONS thread on the discussions forum.

That’s all the rules I can think of at the moment.

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The Invisible Castle is the site we will be using for dice rolls.

Type your characters name, and make sure that you save the dice roll to your characters file on the site, by typing “FBAFF” as the Campaign name.

Then simply post the web page link of your characters latest Invisible Castle dice roll, into your FBAFF text, where necessary; and hey presto! your characters dice rolls will be available for us all to see.

We can watch the most recent 10 dice rolls you made simply by typing your characters name into the Invisible Castle site.

Its a bit more fiddly than having a special FB application for dice rolls, but it really does work and is not too much hassle to deal with for any of us.

The following is the basic AFF statistics generation system;

SKILL = 1d6+6

STAMINA = 2d6+12

LUCK = 1d6+6

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Special Skills = SKILL + character points
(taken from character points pool).
CPP is equal number of points to SKILL score.

NB: Magic Special Skill gives you 3 Magic Points to choose spells with, per 1 point of CPP allocated to Magic Special Skill; after which reduce SKILL by the same number of CPPs in your Magic Special Skill.

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Roll 2D6 +modifier and get equal to or less than the relevant statistic to pass the test.

Double 1 is a critical hit. Double 6 is a flunk. Double 6 in Magic is a magical flunk.

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How To Play

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