Inn of the Musty Ember

The Inn of the Musty Ember is built into a rock tor that stands tall out of the ground at a location known as Five Roads Meet. There are several villages in the region, the largest of which is called Smeet.

The rock tor has a natural freshwater spring that pools near the Inn and meanders into one of the many streams flowing toward the Whitewater River. Trees grow from its sides, providing a canopy of shade beneath which the Inn nestles. Many flowers grow in the area which provide the local bee population with the nectar they need to create the most famous honey in the land, a rich creamy elixir with healing qualities (restores stamina to full).

The unusual mineral content of the tor provides an essential ingredient for this, plus for the Inns home brewed mead, and also for the pungent incense which the area is famous for. The incense is blessed with the ability to ward off evil spirits and to protect travelers (+1 Luck for the duration). A small mine bores down into the rock tor, the entrance of which is heavily guarded by an enchanted heavy iron gate.

The crossroads at Five-Roads-Meet leads to; Chalice, Silverton, Shazaar, Forest of Yore, & Oyster Bay. There is a small shrine at the crossroads in which a fragrant candle is permanently burning.

The Inn of the Musty Ember is large and a popular trade route for many types of folk. It is a food venue and a music venue, with folk musicians coming from all over to relay tales of the realms, to eat a meal of the Inns delicious broth, and drink its famous honeymead brewed of a secret technique passed down through generations.

A notice-board in the lobby has details of any news and adverts for various people and places. There is a roaring open fire and space for people to sleep overnight, which is a free service for travelers who have bought at the bar.

The Landlords of the Inn of the Musty Ember are the family clan of Rolan. They mostly occupy the first floor rooms above the Inns kitchen and external store-house, and the flyover to the stable block that is built against a much smaller rock tor. There is a small barn above the stables. All these buildings have turf on thick hay thatch roofs.

Also living in the premises is Trogg the Tor Troll, who claims that this was his original dwelling before the Inn was built, many years ago (roughly two centuries ago, although Trolls are not known for their maths skills). It has remained in the hands of the Rolan family for many generations. The story goes that once Trog tasted the Honeymead, the Rolan family secret recipe, he agreed to let them open a bar here in exchange for a permanent free supply. Trogg is very old and also very strong. He says that the Honeymead is responsible for both.

Trogg keeps the peace here in the Inn and in the nearby villages. Enough travelers have found out what this means that the whole area is blessed with the legend of a friendly Troll who doesn’t like violence. He is effectively the sheriff of the villages of Five Ways Meet although he would be the first to deny it. Most locals and travelers who pass through here would rather fight with him than against him, and will step in to protect him when any arrogant strangers call him out. Trogg sleeps in the storage cave where the Honeymead is brewed, accessible from the Inn kitchen.

The Rolan children number many and have spread out over the generations all across Allansia. Currently at the Inn are Grandpapa and Grandmama, who sit cuddled together beneath warm cozy blankets at a small table of their own near the lounge bar fireplace, enjoying the folk music for which the Inn is famous. Apart from waking to smile at one another and sip a little honeymead once or twice a week, they basically sleep through everything.

The Innkeeper is Jort Rolan and his wife Maria. She is a raven haired ex-adventurer from the Southern Plains tribes, who has settled here to raise a family. Despite streaks of white at her temples, Maria can still wield a broadsword and do backflips, not to mention exotic belly dancing when the mood takes her. Together they have five children, three of whom, two girls and a boy, live and work at the Inn. Currently their uncle Odric, an ex-Monk who gave up religion on account of womanizing, also lives and works here. The Inn is famous for its free-roaming House Ferrets.

The Inn itself is made mostly of wood, much of which has been carved and polished over the generations; dark with age and cured by woodsmoke. Carved wooden plaques and artifacts line the walls and hang from the eaves. Many of these tell the tales of famous adventurers who have regularly passed through here, and important members and events of the Rolan clan. Trog calls them his ‘memoirs’.

The family trade with the Crab Isle monks who live due west of here, south of Oyster Bay. They trade also with the local villages, including; the beehives, a potato plantation, the apple orchard and pig farm who produce the cider, and many small-holdings with vegetables, chickens and even the occasional cow.

Merchants use the Inn as a stop-over on their journeys; parking their caravans the area outside the Inn beneath the Tor, which is the literal point where Five Roads Meet. This is known to be an occasional market place, where traders deal and adventurers are hired.

Drinks prices per flagon. All food for sale here is locally produced.

Honey Mead 3sp – home brewed on the premises
Apple Cider 3sp – local produce
Ale 5sp – made by the Monks of Crab Isle

Hot Broth 2gp – home made and delicious
Pie 2gp (pork & potato)
Potato Bowl 5sp (fried/baked/mashed)

Bread Roll 1sp
Apple 2sp
Salad 2sp
Boiled Egg 3sp
Pork scratchings 2sp
Spice cake 1gp
Honey (jar) 3gp

Candles per dozen 1sp
Holy Candle 1gp – produce of Crab Isle Monastery (wards off evil)
Incense per stick 1gp (+1 Luck)

1 nights stay 2sp

Weary travelers may rest the night freely by the lounge bar fireplace until sunrise, should they be paying customers or entertainers***

Inn Policy – NO VIOLENCE
Weapons must remain sheathed at all times, pending permanent confiscation.
By law of Trogg the Tor Troll and the Landlords.

The Dawn Breakfast Cart

Also in the shadow of the Tor at Five Ways Meet, next to the outdoor Latrine is Dawns Breakfasts, a greasy skillet and barbecue serving breakfasts from the back of a small cart in the half hour before and half hour after Sunrise.

The cart is operated by Scrab the fetid Peddler along with his donkey who surprisingly do a roaring trade. He claims to have traveled from Blacksand where he worked as an urchin before inheriting the business. His personal hygiene is not actually quite so bad as his reputation suggests and his breakfasts are hearty and will set you up in good stead for the day.

Dawn Breakfasts consist of a bread roll, a slice of bacon and a fried egg.

Breakfast 1gp (bacon, egg, bread roll)

Smeet Tor Mineral Mine

Inn of the Musty Ember

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