Common Tongue is necessarily an easy language structure for all races to understand the basics of, from stupid mono-syllabic orcs and trolls, to the poetic refinement of the elves.

Most people of the world of Titan speak a colloquial version of it, although it has mutated from the root stock in many regions. Players wishing to add inflection to their characters speech may do so long as their text is legible.

Races also have their own languages, more suited to their mindset. All races begin the game knowing how to communicate in Common Tongue, equal to their Skill score and Background. They also know their racial tongue equal to their Skill score and background (except humans, for whom common tongue is their racial tongue).

Any other languages you want your character to know must be chosen as Special Skills or learned during the game.

The same applies to Reading/Writing special skills. Unless otherwise stated, all characters are illiterate although they may recognize a smattering of words equal to their Skill score and background.

Magic is a language of its own, both in written and spoken forms.


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