Price List

This price list is from TITAN
(ultimate guide to the FF world)

It is here to give you a vague idea; prices fluctuate due to demand and availability. I have copied the list from ‘towns & villages’ – prices change in big cities and up in remote mountain lodges.

10 sp (silver piece) = 1 gp (gold piece)
Always remember to chew it first, most of them are painted lead.

Ale, flagon 3sp
Arrowheads, dozen 2gp
Arrows, dozen 3gp
Battle-Axe 50gp
Blanket, large 2gp
Boots, strong leather 5gp
Bow, long 12gp
Bow, short, 10gp
Breastplate 70gp
Candles, dozen 1sp
Cloak, wool 2gp
Cloak, silk 18gp
Crossbow 120gp
Crossbow Bolts, dozen 9gp
Cuirass, chainmail 60gp
Cuirass, leather 25gp
Dagger 1gp
Dagger, throwing 5gp
Gloves, leather 4gp
Grappling-iron 15gp
Grindstone 8sp
Harness, horse 4gp
Hauberk, chainmail 80gp
Hauberk, leather 30gp
Herbs, common, per bunch 1sp
Herbs, rare 6gp
Horse, common type 40gp
Horseshoe 2sp
Lantern 3gp
Meal, hot, in tavern 2gp
Meal, cold, in tavern 5sp
Quill, ink & paper 2gp
Quiver 12sp
Robe, linen 3gp
Robe, silk 16gp
Rope, per meter 7sp
Room, shared, per night 15sp
Room, single, per night 4gp
Sack 3sp
Saddle 7gp
Shield, small 6gp
Shield, large 15gp
Spear 8gp
Stable, per 24 hours 8sp
Sword, long 40gp
Sword, short 25gp
Sword, two-handed 90gp
Tent 4gp
Tunic, leather 6gp
War-hammer 40gp
Wine, flagon 6sp

Price List

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