Salamonis is an ancient city from before the War of the Wizards. It is considered a place of learning. It is dynastic.

The architecture of Salamonis is the many entangled towers and gantries of the upper city, the labyrinthine columnaded walkways of the city streets, and the ramshackle and ancient lower city buildings on the downhill slope.

Upon entering through the main Gatehouse, encountering Coin Square, there are three major routes, all sloping uphill. To the left, the Military District leads to Ragpye’s Reach. To the right, a complicated warren of layer upon layer of wooden construction between stone towers that is the Lower Town, also known as Tower Town or Village district.

The central Kings Road leads up through the Commercial District and Merchanty Way toward the Castle District through Book Gate into the higher level of the Great Library, the Academy and tall, posh townhouses. Kings Road continues through Lords Gate into the well guarded Noble District where the towers of the ancient Salamonis Palace disappear into the mountain clouds. There are of course narrow roads between and interconnecting all the above-mentioned main streets, and many, many steps.

Salamonis is famous for its many seemingly impossible giant towers, which vary in colour from black, dark gray, pale gray and white. It once had a very well established Guild system but in the past century that has began to dissolve, for reasons usually officially explained as being due to modernization.

Salamonis is known for its secret beauty, in the form of hundreds of tiny little well-nurtured gardens hidden away behind walls and through doorways.

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