Salamonis Press

The Salamonis Press is a new thing in the world of Allansia, made possible by the recent innovation of a group of inventors called a Mechanical Printing Press. The local Scribes have formed a guild in league with the Press and are currently working with both wood block prints and a method of writing with acid into thin metal sheets, a process which is somewhat alchemical. The device can be used to mass produce the same document. The consequences for this are probably going to change Allansian culture for ever as documents and magical texts become available for anybody who can read.

Currently the Press has a small group of adventuring reporters traveling the lands gathering information and stories fit for the general population for educational purposes. Already the Press House is taking requests and large sums of money for selling its services to various factions, and struggling hard not to take up political alliance with any one of these many factions. The demand outweighs both the facilities available and the number of trained workforce available. The press owner is intending on building several upgraded devices as well as affording a bigger tower to warehouse it in, all of which are currently under construction; the Press Tower of Salamonis. Guards are employed to safeguard the secrets of this invention.

The latest issue of the publication, Salamonis Press Four; has a back page advertising a substantial reward for the safe return of the original inventors of the device who have gone missing.


Salamonis Press

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