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“Warpstone is a strange stone city built on the side of a cliff which is almost a kilometre high.

Allansia describes Warpstone as lying “on the northern edge of the Craggen Heights” but this is at odds with its position on Voloidon Carsak’s map of the Desert of Skulls. The position of Warpstone with respect to the Craggen Heights is rather ambiguous on the full continent map of Allansia in Titan – The Fighting Fantasy World.

The ‘bandits of Warpstone’ carry long blades called needle-swords which are so well balanced that they can be thrown like throwing daggers."

^From http://fightingfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Warpstone

Warpstone is somewhere in the Flatlands.

The following is from Games Workshop which is founded by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson – the same guys who founded Fighting Fantasy. To all extents and purposes it is the same place, at least it is the same idea, mentioned briefly in Fighting Fantasy fleshed out in Warhammer Fantasy roleplay.

“Warpstone is a fictional mutagen found in the Warhammer world, and also in the Warhammer 40,000 universe during the first and second editions. Humans and most other races in Games Workshop’s campaign game Mordheim refer to it as Wyrdstone.

Warpstone is solidified Dark magic (Chaos Energy, aethyr), and as such it holds tremendous transmutatory and alchemical powers. In its unrefined form, it is a stone that emits “blackness”, appearing to swallow all light from its surroundings, and so creates a patch of darkness around itself that makes it impossible to see its exact shape. It is sometimes described as “still emitting its own green glow”, which would result in a rather complex optical illusion. Everyone in the vicinity of a lump of unrefined Warpstone for more than a few hours is in danger of gaining a mutation. Refined Warpstone is considerably less dangerous. It takes the form of translucent crystals or a grey powder that must be ingested (or otherwise enter the body) to even get a chance of causing any mutations. Its long-term effects, though, seem to be similar to those of some psychoactive drugs.

Judging by the statements in the history of some races (such as the Lizardmen), warpstone was most likely created by the collapse of the polar warpgates created by the Old Ones; pieces of warpstone are most likely to be the remaining fragments of the gates after Chaos entered the world (the fact that Chaos entered the world with the collapse of the polar gates might indicate the origin of warpstone’s mutagenic propeties)."

^From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warpstone

In the Facebook Advanced Fighting Fantasy version of Allansia, we will be using mixed influences of these two sources. To all extents and purposes, Warpstone aka Wyrdstone is a remnant of some great working of twisted magic from the War of the Wizards. One legend speaks of a place marked with the name where a comet fell, called down by servants of chaos. Shards of it are found occasionally throughout the lands that come with a warning about its powerful magical yet chaotic nature.

Further information regarding Warpstone is given in The Trolltooth Wars a Fighting Fantasy Novel by Steve Jackson. Warpstone is the name of the mountain range where Balthus Dire has his Dark Tower. The rocks here corrupted his mind toward chaos. He raised an army of orcs and goblins that fought against the undead army of his fellow student wizard Zharradan Marr, a necromancer; the outcome of which proved the heroism of Chadda Darkmane of Salamonis. The two evil wizards had previously united to slay their mentor Volgera Darkstorm, much to the chagrin of their fellow student Zagor of Kay-Pong in the Moonstone hills.


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