Welcome to Allansia, where dragons smoulder & elves climb trees; where adventurers get lost in holes & sometimes save the world; where magic is the science of the realm & goblins smell; where old men with beards read stale books & nymphs cavort.

A role-playing game from the trusty old 1st edition multi-player Advanced Fighting Fantasy rules by Marc Gascoigne & Pete Tamlyn, adapted on the original single-player Fighting Fantasy gamebooks by Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone. Published by Puffin Books.

This campaign is a compilation of the AFF rules outlined in the original Dungeoneer, Blacksand and Allansia, plus Out of the Pit and Titan, with a few additional tweaks to bring it up to date and to make it possible to play online.

Dungeoneer Blacksand Aff3 Titansmall Outofthepitsmall

Allansia is a continent with no unified police force, beyond some regional fiefdoms. Rather, it is a land of diverse tribes and lone swordsmen; of marauding monsters and fearsome warbands, where amoral adventurers are hired mercenaries and glory seekers. It is a land where magic is commonplace and survival depends on wits, brawn and luck. Where treasure and gold can buy souls, yet yours might be forfeit. Where Gods roam in the guise of mortals, playing with lives as befits their nature. Where imagination is the fuel of Life and anything is possible.

Due to the regular players over-familiarity with the world of Titan, some necessary changes have been made here to the environment, histories, peoples and politics. This has been done within keeping of the original intent for this fantasy world – to provide an exciting, realistic and enjoyable experience of adventure through a perilous realm.

Originally played on Facebook Game Site, and its wiki, including adventure log, can be found at Obsidian Portal AFF

This group is an open-ended, active online gaming site. This is not specifically a war oriented game like so many rpg. This is something for people with intelligence, imagination, quirky humor and dedication required for discovering and developing a swords&sorcery environment full of fun and excitement.

It is our belief that the core Advanced Fighting Fantasy world is supposed to be a spring-board for player groups to embellish with their own ingenuity.

New players please feel free to join at any time – you will need to create a Character.

Many of the illustrations on this forum are used within international fair use policy and are copyright associated to the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks, unless otherwise accredited. Most of the character and item pics are from public domain and are therefore shareware. Some of the illustrations used with permission here are from the graphic design workshop of Snakeappletree.


CHALICE OF STORMS campaign is even now being distilled for publication by Ordo Octopia Games.

All Rights Reserved.

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Advanced Fighting Fantasy


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