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SCENE 25 - Chalice Palace

SCENE 25 – Chalice Palace
By Gamekeeper Fbaff on Sunday, 15 September 2013 at 21:26

The guards lead what is left of the party up through to a guard room and garrison built into the city wall, and out into the main square opposite the Chalice Tower.

Thurgrimm the Dwarf, Dalias the rogue, Jasper the scholar, Jerem the shaman, and Alana the barmaid blink in the sunlight.

Immediately to your right is the new tower, nearing completion, which is being constructed to celebrate the marriage of Prince Bharinger of Chalice to Princess Sarrissa of Salamonis. There are masons ordering workmen up and down wooden scaffolding in accordance with the large maps they struggle to keep hold of against a light refreshing breeze. Wooden ox-carts full of ready-cut bricks are being unloaded by burly construction workers.

The castle is situated behind a long feasting and audition hall, the Great Hall, opposite the gate-house which is itself situated between the guard room and the Chalice Tower. You notice that the tower is unusual; it is built from small rocks almost the size of pebbles; all the other buildings here are made of larger rocks of the sort more usually seen at castles. The Chalice Tower has a large ancient wooden door with metal reinforcements and appears to be locked. You know that directly beneath it is the Chalice Temple.

There is a small squadron of a dozen guards doing combat practise in the courtyard before the Great Hall.

As the ground shakes and a few rocks fall from the Chalice Tower (and a burly workman from the scaffolding), everybody stops what they are doing to look around in awe.

The ground shakes again, causing more rocks to fall from Chalice Tower and Wedding Tower both (and some scaffolding to collapse); a fierce red column of light, no wider than your finger, screams up into the sky. There is a crack of thunder; within a few moments the light fluffy white clouds overhead are gathering together into a sheet and turning grey, and spots of rain begin to fall.

A commotion goes up in the courtyard as guards variously react by manning their posts, dropping their weapons and fleeing for cover, and running to the aid of the workers who are being injured by falling debris.

“We have to seek audition with the King!” Jasper shouts at one of the guards who has led you here.

“We have to get to the village before Bloodmud!” shouts Jerem at the other. The Flatlander shaman runs toward the Castle gates, just in time to be sealed in by the portcullis dropping. He falls against it, dejected.

“What is happening?” ask many of the voices in the area.

Pete Kijek
Pete Kijek Thurgrimm: Jerem!! SHAMAN!!! I think it best we speak with the King of this place, and find out what’s goin’ on!!
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff OOC Jenny Green New Dalias scene for you if you have time, otherwise he remains NPC
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Pete Kijek
Pete Kijek ooc, and Jerem’s player, though I forget who it was, sorry!!
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff Jerem falls against the portcullis bars, apparently defeated. “Ar! Noooo! Open this damn gate!” he shouts, to no avail. Then turning back toward the courtyard; “the fate of the Chalice, and the whole of the land, is in the hands of Garm now; and that treacherous Orc.”

“What is going on?” Asks Jasper.

Many people are now staring and pointing up at the red beam which is causing a thunderstorm. The rain is hard and the guards run for cover inside the Great Hall. “Follow this way!” they order, and your party follow.

Chalice Great Hall

The great hall is a rectangular room with a dias at one side upon which is situated a large carved wooden throne. You enter through the main door directly opposite it.

To the left is a table for feasting, to the right is an open space surrounded by benches for the courtiers and visitors. There are tapestries and shields, antlered deer and horned dragonette skulls covering all of the walls.

A large log fire to the right and another door to the left, presumably though to a kitchen and the main castle. There are rafters above from which hang braziers and lanterns on chains; fabric hangs between the rafters although there is a crude ladder in the corner near the fire. There are no windows.

The room has approximately ten people in it, a mixture of peasants and courtiers; there is also a chained man in leather clothes looking miserable and a young lad attending the braziers. None of the monarchy are present. Most of them are seated on the benches near the fire.

A well dressed man in long yellow and maroon robes approaches the guards.

“Who are these fellows, guard?”

“Not sure, your honor. Prisoners probably; found ’em in the chalice basement but that one has a letter of marque from Salamonis, it seemed legit.” He gives the paperwork from Jasper to the well dressed man. The well dressed man reads it, his eyebrows rise.

“Please, be seated. An emissary and his retinue from our beloved and newly affiliated friends are welcome here, no matter the unusual manner of their entrance. Good work, guard.”

“Why thank you sir.”

“The book keeper will take all of your details presently.” Says the well dressed man to Jasper. To the guard he asks; “What in the heavens is that commotion in the courtyard?”

“Earthquake, sir. And a deluge.” replies the guard.

“Oh dear. Well that is beyond my jurisdiction and ability to deal with. Are we safe?”

“Probably not, sir. Request permission to return to barracks, sir.”

“Permission granted.” He turns his back on the guard and shouts at the young lad who is attending a brazier. “Aide! Make haste and see what is keeping the King from his court, again.”
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Pete Kijek
Pete Kijek Thurgrimm: Are ye MAD??? The world is rippin’ itself apart oot there, and ye’re gonna just bury yer heads in the gravel and wait for it all to blow over?!?!?
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff “It usually does…” the well dressed courtier remarks as he returns to sit at the end of the bench. Two giggling courtesans, young maidens in fine clothes, hide their faces behind their hands while whispering together about the adventurers. A battle scarred warrior stands and approaches you. He carries a long-handled axe and the other end of the chains which his prisoner, the leather clad wretch, is entangled into. They rattle as he approaches you.

@Thurgrimm :
“Hail, Dwarf. I am admiring your friend, there.” he gestures at your own axe. “I am Kwirbon, captain of Chalice guards. What brings you to our city state?”

Another man approaches the party, carrying a ledger (a large book) and a quill. In a snooty voice of the Salamonis accent, he asks; “Your names, gentlemen, lady, and your business in petitioning the good King.”
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Jenny Saari
Jenny Saari <ooc>
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff <ooc>
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Pete Kijek
Pete Kijek Thurgrimm: Aye, tis quite the beauty you ha’ there too, Captain. Mah business is ma own, but lately Ah’ve been travelling with ma companions here. We met in one of yon inns, and got roped intae helping th’ scholar there.
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Pete Kijek
Pete Kijek <ooc> sorry, missed the story continuation there wink emoticon
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff Your conversation is interrupted by the arrival of King Pindar of Chalice, an aged old man who is obviously well past being able to walk by himself much less run a city state. He smells of urine and although his long flowing robes hide his body, the trail of liquid dribbling out from beneath his robes betray his incontinence.

Everybody falls silent to watch as he is helped along, very slowly, by one very lovely young maiden and one bitter looking middle aged maiden with serious eyes, his daughters. Gradually he settles in to his place on the throne, and promptly falls asleep from the exertion. The younger daughter wakes him by saying “Father” in a voice like honey.

In a voice cracked with age, King Pindar begins stammering. After some failed attempts to speak, the eldest daughter makes the announcement for him;

“Let the court begin.”

Her voice is highly trained and professionally posh, not of the local accent but of the High court of Salamonis; and is as crisp as the night air.

The well dressed man in cream and maroon robes stands and announces himself as the Vizier, acting in lieu of Bharingar and Sarissa’s regal presence. It is evident by the familiar manner in which the eldest daughter and the vizier have that they are between them running Chalice and have been for some time.

The vizier explains that the first item of the court today consists of a known felon, fresh from the stocks who is awaiting judgement with the executioner on call.

“The gravity of decision to take a mans life is no light mater.” announces the eldest daughter.

“Kill ’em.” shouts King Pindar with his eyes closed.
“Sh, father!” says the younger daughter. Pindar begins to snore.

“What is the man’s crime?” asks the elder daughter.

“Fighting, burgling and kissing a woman without consent.” announces Kwirbon, Captain of the Guard.

“What does the prisoner have to say?” asks the elder daughter.

The man in chains asks; “is that me?”

“Yes, worm, that’s you.” explains Kwirbon.

The prisoner stands up and shuffles toward the throne. “It is true I robbed ‘im and broke into ’is ’ouse, but she wanted it yer governess, I swear by the posy she given me not a week ago before i was put in the stocks fer beatin’ ’im up.”

“And that’s it?” asks the eldest daughter. She looks at the Vizier. The Vizier looks at the Captain.

“He was carrying this.” The captain holds aloft a pink handkerchief that is tied up in a knot to form a posy. It smells floral. “As likely he stole it too.”

The elder daughter looks sad. In a low, slow voice she says; “Summon the executioner. Captain.” She nods and Kwirbon leads the prisoner out of the building.

“What did she say? Are ye setting me free then?” asks Worm on his way out.

“Next item.” She says in a stronger voice.

“We have guests from Salamonis; a Scholar by name of Jasper, carrying a letter of marque with official seal.”

“That’s us!” Alana nudges Dalias with her elbow.

“Hey, I’ve been waiting all day!” says a voice from the benches.

“Jasper of Salamonis, stand and state your business, guest to our city.”

Jasper stands up and explains summarily that he has employed a small band of privateers to explore the forgotten underdark below Chalice, following a map from the Great Library and that an artifact, the Chalice itself from which the city takes its name, has this very hour been stolen by an accursed Orc who is at this very moment escaping. He requests royal permission to continue his important excavations of the temple complex below the castle, and an appropriate budget from the royal coffers.

Jasper turns to your group and asks; “Do you have anything more to add to that?”
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Pete Kijek
Pete Kijek Thurgrimm watches the interaction betwixt vizier and governess, and mumbles something to Jasper.
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff @Thurgrimm:
Jasper says “What was that?”
9 October 2013 at 21:27 · Like
Pete Kijek
Pete Kijek Thurgrimm: Ah said, you carry on, manling. Ah said Ah’d get you yer wee cup back, an’ Ah intend tae do jus’ that! As fer everything else, well, Ah gots me own problems.
9 October 2013 at 21:29 · Like
Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff King Pindar lets out a loud snore and then mumbles; “Pay ’em.”

The eldest daughter looks up at the ceiling and takes a deep breath. “Due to the importance of this discovery by our esteemed guest, scholar Jasper of Salamonis, and the historic impact it has upon our beloved region, it is the royal courts decision to award his retinue with charge of a small unit of Chalice militia so as to recover the stolen artifact and sufficient budget so as to continue this archeological work, for the greater good and prosperity between Chalice and Salamonis. Next item, Vizier?”

The Vizier announces the third item on the agenda today is the ongoing issue of cultural integration between immigrant races and its impact on daily affairs, however due to the unfortunate circumstances of no non-humans attending the meetings of the cultural integration committee, no decision has been forthcoming and this is itself the problem requiring remedy.

Jasper ushers your group back out into the courtyard before any further insight can be gained into that situation.

Back in the courtyard, the rain has stopped and the red shaft of light is no longer coming up from the Chalice Tower. The injured parties have been carried off and available militia men are cordoning off the area around the fallen rubble with small wooden barricades designed for battle practise.
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Pete Kijek
Pete Kijek Thurgrimm: Right then, scholar. Since you been directin’ this whole affair, what’s oor next move?
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Jenny Saari
Jenny Saari <ooc>Dalias feels uneasy about the state of affairs outside, as it reminds him of the thunder and lightning in Warpstone.
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff Jasper: “I suppose retrieving that Chalice if possible would be of priority. Did Pindar not instruct me to requisition a small band from the … ah there is that man Kwirbon.”

Jasper turns and strides toward the captain of the guard, who is busily in conversation with a short, leather clad man who can only be the executioner. Two guards, the same two from the basement, are stood either side of the hapless prisoner, who is on his hands and knees retching.

“I say old man, do you have a few moments to spare, I have been instructed with requisitioning several of your crack soldiers for a task of utmost and most imperative pressing importance to the historic privileges for which this town is so aptly named, a prevailing privilege one might say.”

Jerem watches him befuddle the Captain of the Guard with lofty witticisms. “Hey, the gate’s open. Let’s go catch that Orc.” The flatlander shaman moves swiftly toward the castle gate and the town.
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Pete Kijek
Pete Kijek Thurgrimm: SHAMAN! WAIT!!!

Thurgrimm runs after Jerem.
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff Jerem is making hastily toward a specific doorway of an abandoned residential dwelling on the next street from the Pilgrims Roost Tavern.

As you approach the doorway, you watch a troupe of six Wood Elves stride toward the tavern.

Link to SCENE 27 -Pilgrims Roost Returns

Jerem explains that this is the building he and the Orcs used to go down into the basement levels where you all met. He is examining the door. “It was barred from within.”
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Pete Kijek
Pete Kijek (ooc) are we switching over?
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff <ooc:>ll be nae way to bar tha door. Unless…..

Thurgrimm enters the Pilgrims Roost and marches straight up to the bar.
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Pete Kijek
Pete Kijek (ooc bumpin this, so we can continue? lol)
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff Link to SCENE 27 -Pilgrims Roost Returns…/651619751525051
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