Incense maker


A grizzly, wild haired, permanently spaced-out, dungarees wearing gap-toothed old guy whose milky blue eyes point in different directions.

Cob calls everybody “mate” at the end of every sentence.


Cob lives in a perfumed, ramshackle wooden shack next door to the Tor Mine at Five Ways Meet, facing the midday sun. The shack contains a small metal wood burning stove with a hotplate, a tin kettle, a hammock, a table, a chair and rows of shelves upon which are glass jars containing all sorts of ingredients imaginable for making incense. There is a gauze mesh over the windows and door to keep bees out.

On the table are pestle and mortars, bowls, tin cups, lumps of wax, candle stubs, rock chipping tools, a small but powerful crossbow and bundles of thin wooden tapers. Incense braziers and lanterns hang from the ceiling. Rumor has it that Cob stores a treasure chest in the mine, that he is wealthy from all the sales of incense to Crab Isle Monastery. His retort is always; “Perfume so sweet costs more’n ya’ think.”

Cobs incense is famous and it adds +1 Luck to anyone who inhales its smoke, for the duration. One of its prime ingredients is the pearlescent mineral ore which he takes from beneath the rock tor and grinds to powder in his shed. Cob alone knows the secrets of the mine and has lived here for as long as anyone can remember, even Trogg the Troll, his oldest friend. The heavy iron gate guarding the mine below the Tor is almost permanently sealed. Its only key is kept on a chain around Cobs neck.


Advanced Fighting Fantasy Gamekeeper