Custo Slith

snake oil salesman / alchemist


He is wearing boots, the sort that stones get into. A pale, baggy shirt with button cuffs beneath a thin black leather waistcoat and coarse brown trousers. his black hair is short and slick with oil as is his needle moustache. His eyes dart around all over the place without holding your gaze for more than a blink. He carries a large leather box case on a strap around his shoulders. The trunk clatters, evidently containing many small glass bottles.

“I thank ye, gents. Custo Slith, at your service. Purveyor of fine medicine, hair lacquor and ointment, though I be an alchemist by heducation.” His voice is whiney, overly confident and somewhat slimy. You notice that he does not appear to carry a weapon. His skin is tanned.


Custo Slith has the accent, manner and skin coloration of Kakabaad.

Custo Slith

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