Parvon Bris

linen merchant


A somewhat foppish man with greying hair who has an ox-drawn wagon loaded with linen. He has a crossbow of dwarven manufacture (stonebridge dwarfs although how he came by it is a long story). Parvon is friendly and kindly.


“I was born a farmer, in a nowhere village through which merchants passed but seldom stopped. When my parents died I inherited the farm. One day I hitched a lift to the city to get some new tools. I got talking with the trader whose problem was cheap storage for his goods. It went from there; first he began using the barn, then I began working with him regular, which turned enough profit I didn’t have to farm so much. When his daughter came of age she moved in with me and eventually we had our own family. And gradually I inherited his business too. I’ve been lucky. We stuck with the same suppliers all our lives, you know how there are some merchants will deal in anything they can lay their hands on.”

Parvon Bris

Advanced Fighting Fantasy Gamekeeper