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Experience Points are rewarded periodically for:

-posting comments

-good role-playing / storytelling

-fortuitous dice rolls

-achieving mission objectives

there are 2 sorts of mission objectives;

scenario / campaign goals (you won’t always know what these are)

character specific goals

Because of the nature of online BPB (Play By Post) BB (Bulletin Board) roleplaying, it is necessary to deviate wickedly from the canon rules for Experience Points as set out in Dungeoneer. XP is allocated as fairly as possible and is always open to argument if you feel hard done by or overly rewarded for your efforts.

Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff XP:
the following are for characters/players who have been on the forum for a year.

All players/characters who are newcomers have not done 24 hour gametime yet so you’ll be tallied up at a later time. Keep going!
Apologies if I forgot anyone; moan like hell here!

Draco: 5+5 = 10
Runkle: 4+2 = 6
Sila: 4+2 = 6
Erki: 3+3 = 6
Maloki: 2+3 = 5
Ageaff: 2+2 = 3
Ghani: 1+2 = 4
Ti-Tsang: 0+2 = 2

12/2013 EDIT: The criteria for allocation of the above XP were as much to do with forum use (posting pics etc) as for gameplay.
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Rachel Bree
Rachel Bree Sila learns new spells from the black spell book
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff @Sila:
I am working on specifically what spells the black tome contains, some of these are from the list in the rulebook and some are campaign-specific that I am creating myself from the guidelines established in the rules. It seems to have taken on a life of its own – I want to get it right and not rush it. I’ll have it done ASAP but right you have enough Experience Points for 1 x (6) spell, I would suggest Raise Skeleton (6) given your current situation, although I recommend that you should wait and do some more research because there’s a very cute spell called Assassins Dagger (8) that would be very pertinent to Sila and to the story. I’ll award you some more Experience Points when you dedicate more time posting Sila’s comments to speed the game up! Learning new spells does take serious amounts of study time to research the necessary. For example Sila doesn’t even know how to read so she would have to find some way around this to begin with – and there are several ways around it, I’m sure a woman of Sila’s streetwise and cunning can find them!

Gamekeepers note: I would rather fudge the rules for the good of the story, than fudge the story for the sake of the rules!
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff as yet incomplete at time of writing, but here’s the link:…/aff/wikis/campaign-library
the Common Tongue translation of the Black Book…
Advanced Fighting Fantasy | Campaign Library | Obsidian Portal|By Micah Wedemeyer
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff Yes it’s Experience Points time again here on the AFF Chalice of Storms forum and you’re all going to get your just deserves.

Thurgrimm: 6
Alphi: 4
Alimar: 4
Plevious: 4
Draco: 6
Runkle: 4
Dalias: 2
Badger: 3
Sila: 0
Erki: 1
Maloki: 0
Ageaff: 0
Ghani: 0
Ti-Tsang: 0
Aryak: 2

At this time, Draco is in Clay with Riana and Kapi; Runkle is in Druids Ruin with Jasmin; Thurgrimm, Alphi and Alimar are in the Pilgrims Roost with Sepher, Glief, Amavia, Ruarea, Veravar, Jarali, Jasper, Jerem; Dalias is at Alana’s house in Chalice; Plevious has vanished assumed dead fallen from a great height in Nights Hide; Erki is on the southern road toward the Desert of Skulls with Nyett and her brothers Uchapa and Onagu; Sila and Aryak are someplace on the road beyond the Coachman Inn; Ghani is at Ridge Village; Everyone else is either on the West road along the Whitewater River with Brantus or on the West road from the Coachman / Goston Vale with Marcus, all looking for Kai Tigo.

We currently have three separate timelines occurring and in the near future these will be resolved into one main timeline for the sake of cohesion and an easy life.

Two important quest items; the Black Book and the Chalice, were last seen in the hands of Sila and Aryak, although only Runkle and Draco are aware of this and they don’t yet IC know the importance of these items.

The mission to accompany Brantus to the Isle of Crabs seems temporarily abandoned by the active players. Other important plot lines are being pursued.
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