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SCENE 28 - Rianas Retreat

SCENE 28 – Riana’s Retreat
By Gamekeeper Fbaff on Friday, 22 November 2013 at 07:14

This has been copy pasted from SCENE 23 – Nights Hide because we were so engrossed with what we were doing at the time, I forgot to make a new Scene for the new location.

@Draco: You are outside. It is night. You cannot see the moon because the sky is cloudy. The air feels moist, cold, refreshing and smells of moss. It is brighter here than it was in the shadow dimension you have left. You are between two large standing stones, with a third smaller one like an altar behind. In the opposite direction and further away is a crude lodge, built of pine trees. It stands beneath pines, perhaps half a dozen. “Come, you can light the hearth. It is a cold night.” She is hugging her arms. “There be logs brought me by a tinker, use them to build a fire.” She hastens toward the lodge, shouting over her shoulder; “Use the path, it be marshy around here.” You see a few pebbles and rocks placed left and right of a winding path between the stones and the lodge. 12 November at 21:00 · Like Gordon Macleod Draco Wolfsbane: Draco follows Riana, using the path, and,if he passes by her log pile,grabs an armfull to take indoors. 12 November at 22:46 · Like Gamekeeper Fbaff The lodge is constructed from basic tipi made each of three beams, there are five of these in a circle, with beams going across the tops and all down the outside of four of the five sides. This is covered in branches. The branches also come some way over the top. The hearth is in the centre, a circle of rocks and of course has not one but several small cauldrons, pots and pans, around it; mostly full of rainwater. The log pile is a heap near the entrance way. “Hey Draco, if you could fix my house up a bit while you’re here I would be very grateful!” 13 November at 00:16 · Edited · Like Gordon Macleod Draco Wolfsbane: Draco looks the place over…….and resigns himself to some hard graft. He starts by bringing a good supply of wood to the hearth (so it will dry better by the fire) and then sets about lighting a fire in the hearth. With that done, he will take a walk around the inside and make sure all is weather tight as can be. 13 November at 06:24 · Like Gamekeeper Fbaff @Draco: The damp wood smokes but you manage to get a fire lit easily since you are carrying matches and a tinderbox. Even in darkness of night and by firelight, you see there is a lot of work to be done here. There are several items of furniture around the edge of the cabin; a chest of drawers with a flat top waist high, a hammock stretched between two of the tripods. As an ornament or chime she has hanged bones from some animal on pieces of string, all different lengths. “There is a fresh stream to the west, that way, behond the trees.” Riana points to the tall pines. “And a stack of wood for the hut.” She watches as you tighten up holes in the wall and test knots. You know that in half a day you could greatly improve this lodge and make it more homely. Riana retrieves some food from one of the drawers. “Come, Draco. Eat with me. It is not much but filling and keeps well, this sweet bread was prepared for travellers and came up the coast by ship through Clay. West of here is Oyster Bay, across the moor. We are south of the rapids (she means Whitewater River) and yet north of the desert plain. These lands are desolate in their own way; swamp by winter and savannah by summer. I enjoy the peace but not the weather. It is my retreat, home, but most of my time is with my daughter, on the road. We live busy lives.” 13 November at 15:52 · Like Gordon Macleod Draco Wolfsbane: @ Riana “Food would be good, wait till i fetch water.” Draco gathers up two pots and heads to the stream for water and will return and eat with Riana by the fire. 13 November at 19:13 · Like Gamekeeper Fbaff You pass between a huge ox skull and two piles of felled trees, one the beams and one the branches. The stream is a little gully on the other side of the line of tall pines. There are some ferns growing here, a large red and white spotted toadstool, and you hear the owl hoot once more from the treetops above. When you return, Riana sprinkles some dried leafs into one of the pots and sets it in the hearth on a flat topped stone that sticks up from between the burning logs. She gives you a dried pastry containing herbs, which is stale but filling. “We should sleep soon. But first, tell me more of yourself.” 14 November at 20:49 · Like Gordon Macleod Draco Wolfsbane: Draco accepts the food with a nod to Riana. @ Riana “My thanks. You know……almost all there is about me. I am Wolfsbane, there have been others…..and there will be again. I feel that i should tell you instead, you have a big decision to make, for i think i have seen your daughter……but she is in the other direction to the Black Book, which every day draws further from us.” Draco tells Riana of the strange encounter with the mysterious woman and of the Executioner. 15 November at 23:45 · Like Gamekeeper Fbaff Riana stares at you, and through you. “You could have told me that already.” She says in a quiet voice. She takes a deep breath and sits cross legged and stares into her tea. Suddenly she seems very old, and humble. She looks up at you, her eyes hardly daring to linger on you. “But then I suppose we would not have seen the shift going on within Nights Hide.” She sips her tea. “Tomorrow we travel West across the moor, to Clay. I must ask if they have found any more sylphwing there that we may travel as witches should; from heartbeat to heartbeat without the far distance between. After that; to Goston Mill. In the old days they called it goose-town for the plump birds they bred. Now they call it ghost-town.” She falls silent. [OOC it has only now occurred to me that this scene at Riana’s Retreat should be a different Scene to Nights Hide]

Gordon Macleod
Gordon Macleod Draco Wolfsbane: Draco stops eating and looks at Riana. He is a little saddened at her obvious grief.
@ Riana “If it means anything to you…i am sorry for not telling you sooner but i had to see how the Hatch would play out. I never know if my chances, or actions, are of my own devising or…..Fates Purpose. Anyway….your plan sounds good and i will play my part. Who knows,when all this is done, i may even return and fix this place for you and your daughter.
We should sleep now.”
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SCENE 29 – Clay
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