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from Chalice of Storms campaign, SCENE 12 – The Great Library

“Descend” Drisk speaks firmly at the Floating Platform, and it does so. He leads you to a peculiar mechanical apparatus standing against one of the pillars surrounding the open central area. It has many rows of buttons each marked with a different alphanumeric picto-symbol. Drisk presses a Leaf Broach into an identically shaped indentation above the buttons.

“This is a calculus. It is the library indexing system. It works by cross-referencing of three tags. We are looking for my friend a *Scholar, specialising in *Antiquities, name of *Marantis."

As Drisk says the words marked by an *asterix, he puts his fingers onto several of the buttons on the device and presses them down together, hitting a larger button at the bottom after making each impression.

The machine clicks and whirrs into action. On its top is a rounded glass case containing a large black and white striped feather quill, which jumps up and scribbles into action, marking a small piece of card with the three symbols as well as the time and date, which drops into a chute and out of a slot at the bottom. Drisk stoops, picks it up and pockets it, retrieves his leaf broach and says; “follow me.”

He walks into the center of the white circle surrounded by pillars that is the center of the Great Library. The cat skips over to join him.

Currently you are standing on a black and white checkered mosaic surrounding the white circle. You must cross a black ring mosaic that has many picto-glyphs on it, which are throbbing on and off with silver light and appear to be assembling themselves into an appropriate order.

“Hurry!” beckons Drisk.

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