SCENE 12 - the Great Library

The Great Library of Salamonis is one of the larger towers of the city. It is an irregular shape, more like several towers stemming from the same root. Columnaded flying Buttresses support it. Its front door is huge, is decorated to look like an open book, and is at the top of wide steps. There is a large open-air courtyard below it containing many benches, trees and a fountain. Surrounding this on three sides are the university towers. more to follow…

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* Luke Kennedy OOC> Ok cool :) (Cup of tea it is ;) ) 27 April at 21:43 · UnlikeLike · 1 * Gordon Macleod <ooc> ready when you are GM!! 29 April at 18:44 · LikeUnlike · 1 * Gamekeeper Jim James <ooc> I’ll be back to begin this SCENE properly asap – I didn’t want to short-change anyone with 2nd rate writing and I feel that the Library of Salamonis deserves to have some more thought put into it… for now, the tall columns surroundi…ng the tower seem to stretch behind it like pages of an open book, where the front gates have writing carved in stone, in different scripts, pictoglyphs and languages; the wooden doors beneath this are more of the same carved into the wood of the two huge doors. A poster on the door announces a forthcoming event, three scholars due to give a lecture in the open square regarding the rise of chaos in the world. Drisk points at it; “thats tomorrow.” There is a narrow door within the great wooden door, which is shut. It has a ring puller on a chain which disappears up into a hole above the door. Drisk, Badger and Plevious all arrive at this door at exactly the same time. Badger; you notice that there is a small family of owls roosting in the eaves above the great doorway and behind the pillars. Everybodies legs ache from climbing up the steps.See more 6 May at 11:37 · LikeUnlike * Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: @Drisk “ah, look, owls!! Owls are wise creatures are they not Drisk? makes perfect sense for them to be here! hahaha……oh, we have company.” Badger, not knowing this stranger, stands slightly shielding Drisk. @Plevious “Hail soldier! I am called Briarstone,do you have buisness with us?” 6 May at 11:43 · LikeUnlike * Luke Kennedy ‎@Badger: ‘Nay I do not. But I’ll make sure to clarify I am not an enemy to you gentlemen. I’m looking for a wizard. Any ideas?’ 6 May at 14:21 · LikeUnlike * Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: @Plevious “My friend here leads me to believe that this place is full of learned people. i’m sure there must be lots of wizards of lore…..unless, of course, you mean anyone of magic ability, in which case, i have some ability. Can i help you?” 6 May at 17:41 · LikeUnlike * Luke Kennedy ‎@badger: ‘Unfortunately, not now my friend. It’s just I thought you might of had information on the whereabouts of a wizard. I believe he dwells in the great library, but haven’t the foggiest on how to get there’. 6 May at 20:37 · LikeUnlike * Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: @Plevious “Get there? But, my new friend, you ARE here!! surely you have but to enquire within and you shall have your wizard.” And with that, Badger pulls the ring! 6 May at 20:40 · LikeUnlike * Luke Kennedy Plevious stands back. What does he mean? ’I’m sorry. I don’t understand’. 6 May at 20:42 · LikeUnlike * Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: @Plevious “sorry my friend, i simply mean that you are standing outside the Great Library now, and as such, are near to finding your wizard.” 6 May at 20:44 · LikeUnlike * Luke Kennedy ‎@Badger: ‘Silly me! Thank you!’. Plevious turns and rushes the stairs when at once turns around and says ‘Hopefully we meet again on the paths of fate. Thank you friend’. He then continues the ascent up the magnificent steps. 6 May at 20:47 · LikeUnlike * Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: @Drisk “should i pull the bell ringer again?” 7 May at 19:36 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James The expression ‘ancient, wizened face’ has no better epitome than the hunchback who opens the door. “You’re late!” he curtly shouts. He holds onto a tall staff which has a candle lantern dangling from the top on a great metal hoop. He wea…rs a saggy brown monks robe; his gray hair is cut in a basin style. “Is this yours?” He holds aloft a cat which droops from either side of his hand. “She preceded you. If she’d been a tom I’d have been a fury. Spraying the books to mark their territory. Can’t have it. A good mouser now, that’s a different thing.” The cat is young, scrawny and cream-coloured. She has a cute black patch over her right eye and all four of her feet. The cat says; “yowl” in a whinging voice. “I’m Tobias, the doorman” shouts Tobias. “You’ll be the young heroes they’re expecting on the third floor. Well come in, come in! By the way don’t pull the ringer again, it’s broke.” Tobias steps out of the way for you to enter.See more 7 May at 21:04 · LikeUnlike * Luke Kennedy Plevious thanks him. 7 May at 21:25 · LikeUnlike * Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: @ hunchback “My pardon Tobias, we are not expected, and as such, can not be late for anything. as for being a ‘Hero’….i think not!……. well there was that one time i tackled Old Man Jack’s two headed goat on my own, what a bad tempered brute he was! and fleas as thick as…….” Badger takes the cat from Tobias and lets his tale dwindle off….. 7 May at 22:13 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James Tobias leads you through a hall of stone and wooden statues, past wide wooden desks on either side, behind which are wood paneled walls, into a large open space topped by a dome held aloft by wide stone pillars that form a circle beneath it…. There are balcony layers between the pillars, going up toward the dome, you count five of them. Around the outer edges of the pillars on the ground floor are ceiling-high shelves; some empty, some containing books. Some trickery is in play because the empty shelves and the book-filled shelves keep swapping places every time you look back at them again. It is unearthly silent in here, and also surprisingly empty. The place smells stale, centuries old, a fuzziness to the cold air. The lighting in here is very similar to what you saw in the basement of the Barracks; small glowing orbs, most of which are congregating in the space beneath the dome. One of them floats down and hovers in the air close by above your heads as you enter the hall. The floor is a chess-board of black and white tiles each approx one and a half feet in length, radiating in rings from the center; with exception of a circle within the ring of pillars. This is plain white. The ring between the pillars, between the circle and chess-board, is mid-gray and contains both black and white runes in a complex spiral. @Plevious: You are awed by the interior of the entrance hall of the Great Library. @Badger: The cat claws its way up onto your shoulder and settle snugly curled around the back of your neck, forcing you to hold it with one hand to prevent it falling off, and also forcing you to bend your head forward at not he most comfortable angle. You get the impression that any attempt to remove the cat is likely to be painful. The cat at least seems happy, it begins purring. @Plevious & Badger: Tobias leads you to an open doorway in one of the pillars. The interior is a tall thin tube, wide enough for the four of you to enter. “Raise” he says and the floor begins to rise! Its speed is steady and not uncomfortable. Marks on the wall indicate where the next level up is. At the third floor, Tobias says; “Stilleth Be.” The platform stops. Tobias glances at you with an odd expression of apology and pride. “It was fashioned by wizards of yore. They spoke by a different manner to todays speech. You will find many of our cough of the ancient ways remain living here.” As you step out of the portal Tobias asks if there is anything more you require before meeting with the brethren.See more 16 May at 21:54 · LikeUnlike * Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: Badger, having a real lack of knowing what else to do, declines Tobias’s offer with a shake of his head. Realising he may need both hands, Badger carefully shifts the cat into his hood. 16 May at 22:25 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James ‎@Badger: the cat accepts this and is soon purring comfortably from your hood. 16 May at 22:29 · LikeUnlike * Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: Badger looks at Plevious and shrugs………@Plevious “Let’s go meet this Brethren….” 16 May at 22:34 · LikeUnlike * Luke Kennedy ‎@badger: ‘Lets go’. 17 May at 13:39 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James You hear the wizards discussing their business as Tobias leads you around the balcony edge above the central space. “You know damned well that it was a mis-use of the Power!” says one wizard in a high-pitched voice. His accent is unusual… in these parts, definitely not of Salamonis. “It is necessary! I keep telling you why and you never agree on anything I have to say!” says the second wizard in a gruff voice. He doesn’t sound like he’s from Salamonis either. “Will you two quit arguing, please?” says the third wizard in a deep voice. “It is not an argument it is a debate!” say the first two wizards together. “Well I don’t know why when we called a congregation of the coven, did only we three turn up?” asks the third wizard, gesturing emphatically with his hands. His accent is definitely not from Salamonis although it has been influenced by it. He sounds rural. “Its because of him and his misuse of the accursed Power! I keep on saying…” replies the first wizard but he is interrupted. The third wizard responds; “Yes well as for the vote I agree that using the ‘make everyone too busy to come here’ spell is the safest way of having a secret meeting. I do think that we need to have the committee go into it because it seems that every time we cast the spell, not only do the regular hoi polloi librarians and all the rest of them get affected but so are most of the coven!” “Oh how many times do I have to explain to you that we are not a coven! We are the testament to the covenant made here hundreds of years ago by…” the second wizard argues. “Oh don’t start that crap again.” Say the first and third wizards together. “It’s the truth and you know it.” The second wizard says folding his arms in a huff, catching his beard in the arm folding and unfolding and refolding his arms with his bottom lip sticking out. “It might well be, however it was agreed a long time ago that the Necromantic Arts are not to hold High Place on the Council. This is a matter concerning of the world of today and it is our duty to deal with it as best fit.” Explains the third wizard slowly. “For honor of the King and the City” says the second wizard in a satirical voice. “No! For the need of Allansia and of the Coven. I mean the Testament. I meant… brethren!” The third wizard answers. “I argue that the matters of the day ARE the dominion of the Necromantic Arts!” the first wizard says steadily. “Given that so much of what we do here today is technically necromancy anyway I don’t see what the problem is. The place couldn’t function if wasn’t.” “Well yes there is that. It’s an issue that the rest of the Council seem unwilling to debate.” The third agrees. “Their absence speaks for them.” “Pah!” says the second wizard. They all fall silent for a moment and then as one they all turn to stare at your group. “Ah, Tobias. You bring the Heroes we have been expecting. Very good.” The first wizard claps his hands. “And indeed there are five of them! Greetings!” the third wizard seems gleeful. The second wizard nods his head at you curtly, still sulking from the debate. They are standing beneath a glow-globe that hovers gently overhead. They are gathered at one end of a round table large enough to sit perhaps a dozen people. There are no chairs and there are scrolls and paper-weights in the shape of amusingly postured creatures. Stacks of books are also scattered over the table. There are various orbs, blades, wands, bowls of incense and paraphernalia. “Masters, these are indeed the heroes.” To you he says; “These are Masters Antona of the Midnight Sun, Dagus Treefriend and Myrfoon of Heathton. They represent the High Council of Wizards.” ANTONA of the Midnight Sun The first wizard has a black turban tightly bound into a top-knot and an oily black goatee beard protruding forth from his pointy chin. There is a moon within a traingle on a hat-pin inserted into his turban. His robes are floor-length, they are also black with red and yellow patterns on the hem and pockets. He is the youngest of the three men. He has dark skin and golden coloured eyes, is scrawny and has a business-like manner. He massages his hands and rubs his palms together constantly. DAGUS Treefriend The second wizard is a short, barrel-shaped man. He is almost but not quite as wide as he is tall. He wears a golden medallion around his neck the shape of a radiant solar-heart. He also wears a green leather head & shoulder hood with curly horns and tan leather pantaloons that sag over his boots. His sleeveless shirt is baggy and white. He has a green sash and a leather utility belt around his waist. His shin-boots are black and his teeth are snaggled. His voice is gruff but his eyes glow with a blue flame of compassion. There are red scar lines on his arms in ceremonial shapes. His beard is long, grisly black and gray. MYRFOON of Heathton The third wizard is a much older man. He is nearly seven feet tall and unusually strong especially for a wizard. His giant hands seem as if they could crush rocks. He has slippery black eyes. His clothes are coarse brown humble peasant clothes. It is his twisted birch staff lent against the table, with many pendants, beads and feathers hanging from near its top. He has no beard.See more 21 May at 18:50 · LikeUnlike * Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: @ Wizards “My greetings Magi, i am Badger Briarstone and these two are my new friends, Drisk and Soldier Plevious. It seems you are expecting us but, i fear, i do not know how?..or indeed, why?” 21 May at 19:01 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James ‎@Badger: Dagus steps forward and with wide open eyes and raised eyebrows, hands stretched out at his sides, he says in a booming voice; “The ways of the Wise Ones are mysterious indeed.” Antona and Myrfoon both stifle a snicker from behin…d him. Anton steps forward and peers at the cat, frowning as he does so. Then he steps back again and rubs his goatee bearded chin. Myrfoon in a warm and inviting basso voice says; “You will learn why presently. Now first tell us, were you followed?”See more 21 May at 19:34 · LikeUnlike * Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: @Myfroon “followed!?? by who?” Badger looks at Drisk to confirm they were not.(he assumes Drisk would have noticed.) 21 May at 19:38 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James Drisk shrugs and professionally makes himself look innocent. Myrfoon exhales slowly through his nose, reminding you of an Oxen. “Gah, ignore that.” Dagus gestures for you to come closer around the table. “Sometimes Sindla throws up tests… just to keep our wits sharp.” He casts two dice onto the table as he says this, which land as a 1 and 6. You can read them clearly because as they settle they rise as glowing sparkles of light in the shape of the numbers into the air before dissolving. Dagus laugh is as gruff as his voice. His eyes sparkle as he appraises you. @Badger: you notice the cat peer at the illusion with great interest. With a flying leap it projects itself from your shoulder and lands on the table to sniff around for the dice. “You can ignore that tomfoolery too,” Myrfoon waves his hand as if to clear Dagus prank. “This is Hamaskis temple; the table here is our altar. Learning and Magic are His concerns.” While he is speaking Tobias pins a purple leaf shaped broach to each of your clothes. “While under his light you have his guidance.” the doorman says. @Badger: Tobias presses a third broach into your palm. “For the cat.” He explains before scuttling off into the darkness. Abruptly you have another flash-insight, something like the one earlier today beneath the monolith in coin square, where you saw grid-lines stretching out from the sculpture and into the city, marking some sort of structure invisible to the normal eye. This time, you see Antona in the background, not as a man but as a gaunt of some type; as if some black skinned, bat-winged dog-headed creature had all its flesh sucked in and dried around its skeleton. You see Dagus as a bloated but mighty tree, weeping blood from many scars. And Myrfoon appears as a feeling more than as a vision; a gentle and caring father-figure, one who protects the world by keeping the darkness of his own soul hidden deep within beneath many layers, although you are aware that your interpretation of him is largely influenced by the notion of tree-rings generated by Dagus. This flash-insight is gone in a moment, leaving you feeling a little wobbly. You are thirsty and your attention is drawn to a decanter and some glasses on the table.See more 21 May at 23:39 · LikeUnlike * Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: Badger is a little shaken by this new vision but does his best to hide it. @Myfroon “Ah, may i trouble you for some water for myself and my companions?” 22 May at 06:27 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James ‎"Of course, friend. It is wine not water. A vintage year from Salamonis vineyards. It should have decanted now." 23 May at 23:10 · LikeUnlike * Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone @ Myfroon " My thanks Lord Myfroon" 24 May at 06:26 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James Dagus grunts out a laugh and mutters beneath his breath “Lord Myrfoon thats a good one” while he pours some short glasses of the wine, passes you one and raises his own to you. 24 May at 08:57 · LikeUnlike * Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: @ Dagus “My thanks to you also ‘Lord’ Dagus..” 24 May at 18:16 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James Myrfoon grins and slaps Dagus on the back. “I’ll be having one of those too, gratefully, My Lord” Antona clears his throat. “Gentlemen, we have matters to discuss.” 24 May at 20:07 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James Antona explains that the city is faced with a great dilemma. “A supernatural event has occurred. The original Knights of Salem as their brotherhood are known once kept peace in the region and protected the City from many dangers. For ex…ample they drove away a fiersome Wyvern nesting-ground on Rage-Pyres Reach and similarly they slayed the queen of a colony of ant-people (along with magical help from the Wizards of old) in the caves beneath Salamonis. Members of the brotherhood were laid to rest in an honorary crypt below Salamonis. Recently their numbers have risen again from the dead, claiming an ancient prophecy that they will return to defend Salamonis in its hour of need when Chaos rises in the world again. Todays militia swear the same oath as did the Knights; to protect the City and its Monarchy. The current ruler is aging King Salamon LXII who for his famed wisdom seems at a loss for what to do and is noteably inept at dealing with the issue. Some claim he is frail and beyond decisive, that he should step down from the throne. The Knights have claimed seat on the royal council as was their honour in times gone by. The royal council are afraid of the Knights and are apparently at a loss for what to do about it, several key members of the council have resigned their positions over it. The people of the city are respecting an unofficial curfew that at sunset they bolt themselves indoors. It is very bad for business all round. The issue is exasperated because the debate has split the council. Those who follow the oath in accordance with the King are not seeing eye to eye with those who respect the oath in accordance with the good of City. The Knights claim their presence is necessary however they are bypassing the wishes of the current King that the dark art of necromancy should not be tolerated. Obviously he has little understanbding of the necessity of…" Myrfoon clears his throat loudly and Dagus shoots Antona a dirty look. Myrfoon continues speaking; “A further problem is that no records of such a prophecy exist; indeed in attempting to find references even to the knights themselves, it appears that a whole section of the library has been obfuscated!” Dagus interrupts; “He means, the records have disappeared.” As an aside to Antona he whispers loudly; “These are peasants friend, they have not the learning to comprehend the high form of our language.” To you he adds; "What is more, most of the Wizards Council are avoiding the issue altogether. Myrfoon rolls his eyes and continues the story. “We need somebody to go down into the crypt and see if there is any sign of the prophecy, something carved into stone or anything like that. We need as much information as possible especially as to what agenda the Knights are working toward. Very little is known about them other than by…” Dagus interrupts; “We have been discussing this matter in secrecy with Prince Barinjar who seems to be the only progressive element in the royalty at this time, no doubt pushed on by his newlywed the lovely Sarissa. And he knows very little about City affairs nor the intricacies of its history.” Antona speaks; “Some members of the royal council are making a case that the Knights of Salem are a fraud, that their story although plausible is itself a trick to overthrow the ruling house of Salamon and take down the City in the name of Chaos. I doubt that you will yourselves have heard of ancient and majestic Carsopolis where contemporary Blacksand now nestles like an open sore.” Myrfoon continues: “One thing that the Knights are doing is training a special elite group, it’s not widely known, warriors from the militia who have experience of the Trolltooth region. These footsoldiers are obedient to the Knights, we have very little knowledge of the purpose of this. They are based in an old tower once used by the knights in olden times, located in the Trolltooth passage.” “This is all that we are able to share with you at this time.” Dagus looks slyly at his fellow wizards, who agree quickly “yes yes” and “for sure.” They fall silent and look at you.See more 26 May at 16:01 · LikeUnlike * Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: Badger keeps his face neutral. @Antona “If we are being open and honest,…… this conclave of Magi responsible for raising the dead Knights from their eternal rest? Are you forcing this prophecy for your own ends?…” 26 May at 17:19 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James ‎"Let me deal with this." Dagus intrudes. Antona pushes him aside by stepping in front of him, says; “Good sir, you would be a random element in such a scheme, and as you so wisely question our intent, thus would prove a danger to it. App…raise us and decide on your own merit.” Dagus makes circle motions with his hand while Antona speaks. “What he’s trying to say” Dagus continues as soon as he has finished speaking “is that courtly politics at Salamonis are sadly a confused state of affairs at this time.” Myrfoon adds; “We have tried to keep things succinct for you to evaluate our request. Presenting it in simple terms was not easy as there are indeed so many other factors in play. To unload such a hefty volume upon you tonight would most certainly be off-putting to say the least.” “Ah, not by content but by intricacy. Backstory backstory, you comprehend?” from Dagus. Antona takes a deep breath but decides not to speak. Instead he smiles. There is something decidedly reptilian about his smile.See more 27 May at 01:08 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James ‎"To answer your questions specifically" Dagus explains; “And this is no easy task to put into simple terms. Yes of course we have our own ends that interweave with the outcomes of the request we have set for you. It is fair to tell them th…at, no?” The other wizards nod in agreement. Dagus continues; “We must prepare for several possible outcomes and set into action the first stages of several schemes to counter them. Be certain there are other members of both the royal council and the wizards council whose absence from this meeting…” “…could mean anything.” finishes Antona. “We three are not a conclave responsible for raising the knights of Salem. I cannot speak for all the members of the wizards council with regards to that issue. We have suspicions but we also have, ah different methods for discovering the answers to such questions. It is of no concern to yourselves.” Myrfoon; “Our request of you is to delve beneath Salamonis and return with information one way or another. You will be accompanied by some of the cities finest research scholars, who we ask you to protect as necessary. We have sent scouts ahead to the fort that was previously mentioned; it is likely that you will later be asked to travel there also to meet our scouts.” “This plan is a loose outline of course, and naturally no mention of your mission should be made whatsoever to anybody outside of the group.” Dagus Antona ends the debriefing with a comment; “The City will rightfully honour you as reward.” That it is the city rather than the monarchy he refers to is perhaps telling.See more 27 May at 01:18 · LikeUnlike * Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: @ Antona “I cannot speak for my companions but yes, i will do this quest. I am, however, in the employ of Vinaris and his unit. Could word be sent to him that i will be away for a while? I would also need a little time to finish my buisness with my friend Drisk.” 27 May at 12:09 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James ‎@Badger: All three of the wizards breath a sigh of relief. “A busy man!” Myrfoon nods his head slowly "and one of many masters. Dagus smiles; “I’m sure we can muster something for your master Vinaris if you give detail on his appearance and where to find his unit. They are militia men? He has a priests name.” 29 May at 12:04 · LikeUnlike * Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: @ Dagus “You are quite right, Vinaris is a priest who is working with a band of demon slayers led by one known as the captain. They will still be in the city and easily found, i leave it in your capable hands. Oh, and let him know his order for bolts has been put in. And so gentlemen, other than my buisness with Drisk, i am now at your service!” 29 May at 18:30 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James ‎@Draco: “Glad to hear it!” grins Dagus, showing his two stumpy animalistic teeth sticking up from his bottom jaw. “It pleases me also.” Antona agrees. 4 June at 16:31 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James ‎"We could use some demon slayers. No doubt the story of our predicament has attracted them here. It seems indeed we are speaking with the right people!" Myrfoon seems pleased. 4 June at 16:32 · LikeUnlike * Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: @Mfroon. "Mayhap they will hear of this ‘situation’ and come offering their services. until then, how do you wish to proceed? and what, in the way of equipment and services, can you provide us with? 4 June at 19:50 · LikeUnlike * Luke Kennedy ‎(OOc>) Hey gamekeeper, sorry I missed a lot. Where and how will I start? 6 June at 18:44 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James <ooc> Its ok Luke you were busy, I hope you do well in your exams. Start by reading this thread so you catch up with whats happening, post some comments about everything that is being discussed here. 6 June at 19:19 · LikeUnlike * Luke Kennedy Plevious, silently exasperated steps from the dark and accepts the quest. @Antona ‘May my superiors also be informed of the situation?’ 6 June at 19:35 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James ‎@Plevious: Antona looks serious and concerned. “Who are your superiors?” 6 June at 20:31 · LikeUnlike * Luke Kennedy ‎@Antona: ‘I presumed anyone who is higher in ranking than me? I am a part of the military now gentle wizard, you do understand that’. 6 June at 20:45 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James ‎@Plevious: Antona laughs. “If the formality of re-assigning you to Special Duty has not already been dealt with then I will approve you for the position and take you off your regular duties. This is a clandestine operation, we work on a ne…eds-to-know basis, you do understand that? There are those amongst your superiors who are of a slightly different political persuasion than is necessary for us to succeed.” @Badger: Myrfoon takes a deep breath and answers your question; “We will provide you with certain rare items that will be useful to you. The Library has a store of such things.” He nods at Daigus, who says ‘ bah!’ and then smiles at you, his eyes sparkling. Daigus says; “I’ll have a rummage in the… where’s that doorman?”See more 6 June at 21:52 · LikeUnlike * Luke Kennedy ‎@Antona: ‘Sorry, You are right. I was previously told of my Special Duty’. 7 June at 20:57 · LikeUnlike * Gamekeeper Jim James ‎@Plevious: Certain pieces of information click together in your mind; that the disguised Prince mentioned putting together a team, that this man Badger is part of a small warband… 9 minutes ago · LikeUnlike * Luke Kennedy Plevious rubs his head in pain. He is extremely exhausted and thinks back to the blur of events which previously occured. 5 minutes ago · UnlikeLike · 1 * Gamekeeper Jim James Dagus turns to Antona. “Did you mention a colony of wyvern on Ragpye’s reach? I ask because that is an entirely preposterous story and nothing at all like the version I heard. Ragpye was a great poet.” Myrfoon laughs, it is more of a scoff. “Poet?! He threw himself to his death believing the wings of love would make him immortal!He was a martyr and a fool!” Dagus looks flabberghasted. “He was a great lover and the tale of his passion and lost love is one of the Cities favorites. Her face in the clouds! Does that not stir anything in you?” “It is nothing more than a childs morality tale.” snorts Myrfoon. “Wyverns. Damn impractical creatures” “You mean featherflame? No that’s Mount Firetop!” Dagus deduces. “By Filash fiery beard” he grins. Antona nods. “A poet in that the lesson he taught with his life, remembered by a romance exploring the many facets of love through his many, often debauched conquests and finally an aspiration toward simple elegant purity, ending tragically in rejection and thus death. Thus may we be reminded that our lives also are but poems. Beautiful! Yes I have heard this myth. I am certain that it is a fiction. From my own arduous research of Salamonis City History here in the Great Library I can assure you that it is Wyverns.” The others fall silent for a moment before Dagus breaks into an impish laughter. “Ant people though, seriously!” Myrfoon gently hits Dagus in his girth with the back of his hand. They both smirk like naughty schoolboys. “Hey so what was her name?” Myrfoon asks. Dagus replies; “Whose name? Oh the girl. Face in the clouds. I think that was it. The analogy with emotions, teardrops and rain, and the rising damp that surrounds the upper city with cloud.” “Rising damp, that’s a good one!” Myrfoon laughs. “You two have your heads in the clouds. I believe we are missing the point here somewhere.” Antona chastises them. “I still say that we should call upon Ned.” Myrfoon stops laughing and looks grim and takes a deep breath before replying. “It is a task for our generation. Lest we become as dark as… they.” Dagus presses his lips tightly together and slowly shakes his head. Then he exhales heavily through his nose. “We might have to. I’m sure he’d know what her name was.” He breaks into laughter again, beaming with joy and clapping both his hands on his large gut. “And what was that about misuse of the power?” Myrfoon also roars with a deep laughter. Antona looks serious and shakes his head in disdain. “This is supposedly an important meeting.”

Gordon Macleod
Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone:@Antona “Ahem, you all have important things to discuss i am sure but if we can be shown to our equipment you have provisioned we can begin our journey”
@Drisk “My friend, will you seek your contact here yourself to find out more about our item? it seems we will be busy being provisioned.”
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff @Badger:
“Well I suspect he will be around, I have method by which to contact him.” Drisk smiles mysteriously and taps his temple. “I would actually quite like to see for myself what provisions these gentlemanly wizards have to offer.”

To the wizards, Drisk asks; “Good sirs, is the Pillar Portal online this evening?”

“I’ll show him.” Myrfoon agrees. “It has been rather glitchy of late, technicians are supposedly looking into it although they also seem to have been caught up in the clearance spell.”

“Give them some of those crystals.” Dagus points at the table. There is a small wooden box with a carved wooden dragon head on its lid. It contains several dozen shards of crystals, very similar to a larger one being used as a paperweight that has a leather strap tied around its root for use as a pendant. The shards all glow dimly with a strange turquoise-purple light.

Antona asks; “Are any of you knowledgeable in the magickal arts? These are mana-shards. They are a source of magical energy but have limited uses before they become mundane crystals. They can be imprinted with specific Runes thus binding a spell into them, or they can be used as a source of energy required for casting your own spells. You can select one each, choose the one that feels most comfortable. These are very rare and difficult to come by.”

“We have to ask the Ant-men to mine them for us!” Dagus adds. He and Myrfoon erupt into laughter again.

Drisk has a smug and satisfied smile on his stubbled face. “I have heard of such things!” He announces. “Very useful! Thank you, kind sirs. May I request taking one for each of my two children who likely have need of such items?”

Myrfoon smiles kindly in reply while Dagus rolls his eyes.
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Gordon Macleod
Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: Badger reaches out for a crystal and trusts in providance to help him choose.
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff Drisk takes several crystals and asks; “Does the cat get one?”
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff @Plevious:
Drisk stands beside Badger and looks at Plevious.
“We have some research of our own to do in the Library while we are here. Will you join us, friend?”
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff Drisk addresses the three wizards; “With respect gentlemen, we have work to attend. Most humble gratitude for these kindly gifts. We will attend our duties at your bequest most diligently. Good evening, sirs.”

He holds Plevious and Badge by the elbows and leads you both toward the floating column. Tobias the doorman is lingering within, swaying slightly with his eyes closed. He seems to have fallen asleep. The cat announces its presence with a loud purr and twists itself around all available ankles. “Yeowl?”
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Gordon Macleod
Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: Badger picks the cat up and sticks it in his hood.
@Drisk "Well done my friend, that was long winded was it not? i thought we were in for a long lecture there for a moment. Just like the time that travelling weather diviner came to m…See More
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff “Descend” Drisk speaks firmly at the floating platform, and it does so. He leads you to a peculiar mechanical apparatus standing against one of the pillars surrounding the open central area. It has many rows of buttons each marked with a different alphanumeric picto-symbol. Drisk presses a leaf broach into an identically shaped indentation above the buttons.

“This is a calculus. It is the library indexing system. It works by cross-referencing of three tags. We are looking for my friend a *Scholar, specialising in *Antiquities, name of *Marantis.”

As Drisk says the words marked by an *asterix, he puts his fingers onto several of the buttons on the device and presses them down together, hitting a larger button at the bottom after making each impression.

The machine clicks and whirrs into action. On its top is a rounded glass case containing a large black and white striped feather quill, which jumps up and scribbles into action, marking a small piece of card with the three symbols as well as the time and date, which drops into a chute and out of a slot at the bottom. Drisk stoops, picks it up and pockets it, retrieves his leaf broach and says; “follow me.”

He walks into the center of the white circle surrounded by pillars that is the center of the Great Library. The cat skips over to join him.

Currently you are standing on a black and white checkered mosaic surrounding the white circle. You must cross a black ring mosaic that has many picto-glyphs on it, which are throbbing on and off with silver light and appear to be assembling themselves into an appropriate order.

“Hurry!” beckons Drisk.

You recall that the name of a wizard of the wizards council who the disguised Prince Bharingar has sent you to meet in the great Tower is Tazabob.
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff <ooc> @Luke:
I have edited the previous post while you made your post, so it is only fair that I offer you a chance to change your direction if you wish. This Drisk fella seems to know his way around here and might have heard of Tazabob. Also you know how to use the machine now. And also the wizards upstairs might also know Tazabob.
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Gordon Macleod
Gordon Macleod Badger Briarstone: @Drisk “Truly these must be powerful magics that work here…..and you, my friend, continue to amaze me!”
Badger hurries after Drisk.
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff <ooc> @Luke,
I am assuming Plevious is standing inside the white circle close enough to Drisk to ask him this….See More
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Gordon Macleod
Gordon Macleod Badger: Badger takes it all in in amazement! It is certainly a far cry from his homestead he muses. He sees Plevious glance at him and then he follows Drisk as well.
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff The glow-globes bob above your heads lighting the way. Each is the size of an apple and its light as voluminous as one small candle flame.

At the end of the deep brown stained, wood lined tunnel of books is a long wide area with a long row of bookshelf behind it and to either side of the pillared tunnel mouth. There are bookshelves also at each end, either side of more pillars between which unlit tunnels. There are comfortable looking leather padded reclining seats between the edges of the tables and the tunnels, these are also covered in books.

The center of this long rectangular area has two rows of long rectangular tables, sturdy wooden tables designed for studying at. There are long wooden benches with the occasional cushion. There are five tables in all; three at the back and two at the front, with pulpits on the closest end corners. The pulpits are stacked with books as are the tables. There are also little wooden name tags on the table next to the piles of books, for ease I shall describe them as letter holders from the game ‘scrabble’.

There are four people sitting at the tables, each situated as far from the others as is possible.

One, an ancient bald and thickly bespectacled man whose dusty white beard is folded onto the table beside him, has a white mouse sitting on top of his head. He appears to be studying a large tome propped up on a book prop in front of him, holding a large magnifying glass. A quill and inks is near at hand as is his note-book. It is very possible that he is stiff as a board from rigor mortis.

One is a young student who has the largest pile of books, she is hiding behind it. She also has spectacles, dark hair in a bob, is skinny and is also making notes, a lot of notes, into several note-books.

One is a middle-aged man who is reading from one book and grunting occasionally. He has white in his short curly black beard and hair. He is wearing a faded gray shirt. He makes loud sniffing noises often.

One is a middle-aged man who wears a simple white toga. He has several small artifacts in front of him of the clockwork variety and appears to be sketching them in his note-book. There are several books scattered close by him. Every now and then one of the clockworks seems to activate itself, making mechanical ticking sounds and strutting jaggedly around on the tabletop. He is frustrated and quickly claps his hands on it, peering left and right as if embarrassed at causing a nuisance to the other scholars, who ignore him, before carefully settling the thing down again and returning to his work.

Many of the books in here are very old; their covers are threadbare, unmarked; all of the books are hand-written, so they mostly all unique. The bookshelves also contain small boxes and artifacts every now and then.

“That’s him.” Drisk whispers loudly. He weaves his way through the tables to where his friend is working. Marantis stands, they embrace and sit down together. Drisk beckos to you both to come over for an introduction. The noisy clockwork sets itself off and drops off thee edge of the table. Marantis cusses and picks it up, cradling it in his hands like a chick.
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff Marantis stands again and shakes Plevious hand. Then he sits down again.

“Friend Drisk, it is a rare and yet foreboding pleasure to have you stalk me to my study. And with such interesting companions.” He nods toward the cat. “I see that we must retreat immediately to a more suitable location for any sort of meeting at all.” He stands up and sets the clockwork on the table. It remains still. “To the philanderous philosopher? I seem to recall owing you an ale.”

Marantis begins walking away from you all toward the tunnel. “Come, friends, make haste!” He continues walking.

“Right then.” says Drisk, who follows Marantis, whose pace is surprisingly brisk.
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Gordon Macleod
Gordon Macleod Badger: @Marantis “Greeting to you Old-One! I am Briarstone, Badger Briarstone.”
Badger then follows the three of them (and taking the cat back into his hood, away from any harm)
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff @Badger:
Marantis strides over to you and shakes your hand vigorously. “Marantis is me. Pleased to meet a friend of Drisk. Come now, we have drinking and discussion to attend.” He sets a mighty pace and you are back within the white circle very quickly. Marantis operates it.

Tobias the doorman is perched on a seat next to the door of the great Library. Before you reach him, a figure approaches you. He has white hair and beard, all worn in braids, is dressed in vibrant blue robes and he makes directly for Plevious.

“You are the secret emissary?” He asks directly as if expecting some cryptic password in response. His eyes are of the same vibrant blue as his robes. “I am Tazabob. I was summonsed by a mutual ally.”

A voice booms from behind you. “Ah, my fellows.” It is Antona of the Midnight Sun. “Come, I have more news to impart. We must make haste.” He walks toward your group.

“Oh not him.” mumbles Tazabob.

“Indeed, him, Tazabob. Why not scuttle along now, I am sure there is much of your own enthralling business for you to attend. There’s a good fellow.”

Neither man moves nor speaks for an awkward long time.
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Gordon Macleod
Gordon Macleod Badger: Badger, realising that none of this talk is for him (and praying he is right!) stands silently, shuffling his feet slightly and waits to take his cue from Drisk or, indeed, Plevious.
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff @Plevious:
“Good sir, I urge some tact, given the nature of our situation.” He clears his throat. At Antona he says; “My business brings me to this very juncture, colleague. May I ask for what pleasantries are we enamored of your esteemed presence?”
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Gamekeeper Fbaff
Gamekeeper Fbaff Antona clears his throat. “I have pressing matters with these gentlemen, sir. As yourself it seems. Very well then, what say perchance we throw in our lot together and build bridge across old wounds? These times being pressing and a dread sense of utmost urgency dictating necessary allies.”

Tazabob smiles. It is a reptilian smile betrayed by a coldness of his eyes. “At such times, Antona, perchance ye be right.”

The scholar Marantis claps his hands one each upon the wizards shoulders. “Now that is most definitely an arrangement worthy to be drunk upon. To the Philandering philosopher, at haste!” He virtually shoves the wizards out of the door.

Please turn to SCENE 17 – Philandering Philosopher…/1245452…/doc/468988579788170/

SCENE 12 - the Great Library

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