the Black Book


A Compendium of Chaos Lore

Common Tongue edition


Translators Preface for Common Tongue edition, by Jasper of Salamonia
How to use this Tome by Volgera Darkstorm
On the Working of Dark Ritual by Zharradan Marr
On Naming Entities; Summoning, Sigil, Shape & Sound by Zanbar Bone
Daemon Lord Myrr by Aeren Tintathel
Imyrtaolity by Mordraneth
Abyss of Shadow Mind by Balthus Dire
Law of Chaos by Akharis; phonemics transliterated by Volgera Darkstorm
Discourse on Chaotic Alchemic Principle by Xortan Throg
Ring of Smoke the Tarnished Cycle, by Kai Tigo
Spell Almanac
Blank Parchment

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Translators Preface
for Common Tongue edition

The word ‘will’ means two things and the word ‘drawn’ means two things; and the context in which these are set means two things. All of this backs up the multiple levels of perception harnessed here within the very first sentence of the very first paragraph of the introduction to the book! This, I sincerely believe, is not accident.

I refer to the transliteration of Akharis’ very brief inauguration into the meanings of ancient runes made by Volgera Darkstorm, a manuscript that is included as a very important and enlightening section of this compendium. The sorcerer is hinting at variable intended definitions contained within runes and at the transient perceptory stance of the reader. Certainly words change by their meaning through the generations; meandering thought re’generation.

With accessing magickal essences we are only ever several step away from raw creation; between us and there are a system of law and chaos that shapes and sets intent into form and event.

‘Will’ means both ‘desire’ and ‘affirmatively’.
‘Draw’ means both ‘to pull from source’ and ‘the act of making; to set a mark’.

I hesitated when making this translation from using the word ‘imagination’ and ‘image’, both of which inclusive of the term ‘mage’. Finding a correct most accurate path to refine and define the original intent, peeling back layers, traveling through ripples growing in increasing diversity in approach toward the pure core. All of this from sentence one!

This lesson taught me well that what it is we are dealing with here; that the story of this document is deeper than a first glance skim; that it does indeed function on several levels of perception. Thus, there are hidden teachings within that a glossary overview would entirely miss upon. Sifting the plumbed depths to unfathom mysteries requires proficiency in several ancient tongues. I understand from this a delight and the desire of the necromantics who seek longevity by their wisdoms, obsessively forsaking trust in natural cycles to pursue goals by any amoral means of enlightenment and revelation. To the learned, the approach to chaos itself is considerable as a natural emergent phenomena. Such is a matter of philosophy and not immediate translation.

The problem with translations is that rephrasing concepts from those given often muddies the beautifully precise of the original language. This same sentiment applies equally to the conversion of an imaginary idea into visual glyphs and into verbal pronunciations. Very often within this manuscript the original author is conversing about one or more of these aspects and yet using language designed to apparently refer to another upon them. Thus awareness necessary for the art and act of magick is communed.

I have left the title of Mordraneth’s parchment unresolved. Imyrtaolity at first sight is an alter-spell of Common Tongue ‘Immortality’ a concept of eternal life, beloved pursuit of many who study both Light and Dark Arts although their methods vary greatly. Aside from an allusion to the Daemon Lord of Chaos, Myrr who is eloquently worshipped in the dark Elf Aeren Tintathel’s section; the phoneme Imyr with regard Chaos and Tao are worthy of a deeper research that I do not have space here to justify.

Jasper of Salamonia

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How to use this Tome

It is such that thou will be drawn to add of thy experiences and wisdom to these thy pages, yet as others of the path have done before thee. Thou shalt use thee a quill of raven wing and ink of blood to satisfy within thy true words. Thus is bound Nihiliquis fed.

Fear not that errs shall pass. All such shall be rectified duly for forms cast within thy parchment shall fall rightly into format; as bound unto this manifesto be spells to ensure a proper gridding. A spirit guardian be contained herein and set the task. Thus be ensured correct rhythm to flow through heart and mind and quill of thee, welcome sorcerer.

An its name be Nihiliquis whose rune is seen upon the preface page. Be wary thee also those elements of fire, of water and of earth are impenetrable upon this tome, such is he made. These followings; the conjuries of Nihiliquis, should to be found within Appendix.

As each sorcerers experiments gain additional to this tome does a record of our progress and our lineage emerge. It is intended that basic comprehension be established before personal development begins. It is to these basic outlines that we return when seeking guidance on orientation from whatever situation the sorcerer finds drawing of the Attention.

Volgera Darkstorm

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On the Working of Dark Ritual
by Zharradan Marr

Sorcerer pic

The Sorcerers Mind is what holds it all together in form.

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On Naming Entities; Summoning, Sigil, Shape & Sound
by Zanbar Bone

Daemonic Sigils & the Associations with that specific plane symbolized through vessels, elements within our own, to be Gates in array for the Daemon to take form.

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Daemon Lord Myrr
by Aeren Tintathel

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by Mordraneth

Af fdeath rune
“The death rune is derived from an inverted rune of life or man,
and symbolizes the opposite force, that of death”

p. 160 Titan

Five points there be to this rune;
a crossed ‘Y’, the descent trinity.
Hid within is reference to the Pentacle
and to Hermetic sign for elemental of water.
There be reason for this.

Five points around the ring and yet two more contained within;
Where the Three meet, Where the Four meet.
Two centers;
one of greater complexity, one for simplicity.
Expansive and Refined.
The alchemy of the Soul as measured in essences.
Thus is Death a distillation.
There be further research…
…to fold death upon itself…

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Law of Chaos
by Akharis
phonemics transliterated by Volgera Darkstorm

The MAAThematics of MA’Gi cK

Themes of the Law (literally; “that which sets grid”)
MA; defined as both MAAT (the Law of Chaos) and (that which Manifests)
from which derives ‘Manifesto’ and ‘Mephisto’
Ge; that which manifest (becomest earthen)
cK; assertion pronunciation of " ! "
abbreviation of glottal “Ankh”;
a Gate sound comparable to Ss and T! phonics.
Contemporary character includes;
“c” = receptacle, and “K” = opening/gate.

There are three stages of Chaotic Magickal process,
during which chaos is defined and bound that it may result in event;
(Illusion is Confusion)

Confusion Fusion Continuity

Te NUIT y ; Way of Night, flowing, falling

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a Discourse on Chaotic Alchemic Principle
by Xortan Throg

With Chaos, everything is illusion.
The world we take for granted, included.
The world is bound and held in place by connections.
Everything is illusionary until bound and set into temporal form.
This is a Law of physics.
It is a Law of Magickal Principle
that Intent creates (stability&time) a single context, manifest as an Event.
Our rituals perform the functions of Shaping; binding the desire.
The design is the ritual formalization process through which this systematically occurs.
That is what Magick is; as a science.

One contained in All.
All contained in One.

The Grid (symbolized by 8-point Star)
The Spiral (symbolised by open Spiral)
The Circe of Chaos (symbolised by a circle)
The Spiral Web (symbolised by all the above three superimposed)
The Mobius ‘8’ (Infinity with a Nexus singularity,
And with a spiral in the twist)

These are the Grid Mechanics.

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Abyss of Shadow Mind
by Balthus Dire

The Abyss appears to the Sorcerer
in the form of the Symbols held in Attention
at the time of opening and entering.

The Abyss is internal; that we share.
It is a realm, real and accessible.
Some name it the subconscious.
Its content is our Matrix.
From within Abyss that we program form.

To return from the Abyss a silver thread is required.

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Ring of Smoke
the Tarnished Cycle, by Kai Tigo
Reguarded that Water and Air are One entity that can split in two and to each of these elements can Heat or Cold be applied. There are stages, gradients; some occur naturally in the world, are likened to phases of the moon and to mood.

The Water Cycle. It is an alchemical process.
Water as Ice, Water as Steam.
The catalyst is heat; Fire.
Water as Rain (Storm); Wind is the dance of hot and cold air.
It all depends on where the Heat is applied; through what focus.

Sacred mists; comprehending Smoke as substantiation.
The addition of an Earth compound into a pure precipitation cycle.

Entities called upon to change a climate, thus differing spirits act as different temperates to the basic elements; and so it occurs that Soul is (equivalent to a) compound within these transitions.

The basic alchemy can be applied to the comprehension of Magick, which uses different essences to create various results.

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Here be listed method, rune and spoken rites
for workings of magic as given by sorcerers whose words you have read.

Spell List

Allusion (1)
Chaos Web (1)
Battallion (
Taint (4+)
Desecrate (6)
Enchaos Item (6)
Raise Skeleton (6)
Speak to Supernatural Being (6)
Spirit Journey (8)
Summon Supernatural Being (8)

Spell Descriptions

Allusion (1)
Based on the Illusion (1) spell; this works upon the mind of an observer so that what they see is based upon preconceived ideas and recent symbolic frames of reference, rather than what is actually happening at the time. It is cast upon an object rather than a person. An Allusion is ‘an implied or indirect reference’ so that the affected party observes associations with the item rather than the item itself. This can be especially powerful when dealing with pictorial imagery and written words but can also affect sound if the target is such that it generates noise. Its affects last for several minutes; long enough for it to be used with Combine (+2) to embed it into other spells.

Chaos Web (1)
Grid (
1) is the opposite of the Personalize (1) and Befuddle (1) spells.
It formats known Intent from abstract methodology into a structured pattern.
It is useful for spell casters who are slightly unhinged or easily distracted.
Grid (
1) is a spell that affects the underlaying mechanics of how magic works, rather than altering physicality.
This version is called Chaos Web (1).
It structures subconsciously using unimaginably abstract systems of the chaotic, rather than into any consciously apparent lawful order. Used in combination with other spells this streamlines otherwise difficult rituals.
This spell is regarded as a lazy wizards tool; spells may be cast without the wizard taking time to learn it;
however as a tool of chaos it most often warps the expected result away from the planned outcome. See Taint (4

Battallion (2*)
This versatile Battle Magic spell is developed from an advanced form of the Combine (
2) spell called Extend (+2).
Basically it converts ordinary Magic and Priest Magic spells into Battle Magic spells, although it has other uses.
Battle Magic spells are more powerful and at lower STAMINA points cost than their regular Magic and Priest Magic equivalents.
For this reason Battle Magic spells are much more difficult to learn; multiply all factors (study time, experience points cost) by double.
It is believed that the intense stakes of war, the scale it works on, are to do with why ‘the energies’ are different for Battle Magic.

The particulars depend on the individual spell being converted; canon Battle Magic spells give specific details.
Below is the basic format for working out STAMINA points costs of any spell being converted.
The cost is the original Spell’s STAMINA points plus Battalion STAMINA points to create the new spell.
Extensions are added on top of that as and when a sorcerer casts the new spell, depending on requirements.

2 square meters = unit of 10 men.

Range: approximately 10 meters, per (1) STAMINA cost.
Area Affected: approximately 2 square meters / 2 meters diameter, per (
1) STAMINA points cost.

Magic Skill test difficulty modifier;
-2 for each additional 10 meters diameter Range
-2 for each additional 2 meters diameter Area effected.

Note that while this alters the original balance of how Lawful Magic and Priest Magic work in the canon material,
invocation of Chaos energies alters the original spells.
Directors are advised to read upon the Taint (4+) spell for further insight into the long-term effects of involvement with ‘evil’ powers.

Taint (4+)
Derived of the Curse (4) and Desecrate (6) spells.
Taint imprints the taint of chaos upon an affected item, place or person, slowly warping it.
A SKILL test may be made by a knowing victim in attempt to avoid this.
The specific details of how chaos taints the recipient is at the intent of the caster and discretion of the Director.
More extreme results may require additional points cost. As a basic device;
Taint imprints the 8-pointed star of chaos (or other rune) upon any recipient as a scar, tattoo, discolouration or alteration of features, etc.
These gradually take effect of warping the victim toward chaotic allegiance.

Desecrate (6)

Enchaos Item (6)
A fusion of Enchant Item (6) and Taint (2+)

Raise Skeleton (6)

Speak to Supernatural Being (6)

Spirit Journey (8)

Summon Supernatural Being (8

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The illusions of mind with which this tome is bound are fashioned of Unicorn spire upon which a desecration. It is hid within Abyss. The naming of this blade be Nihiliquis. Imbued with powers of

Immune from damage of fire, water, earth; inclusive of ripping, cutting, crushing.

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The names of evil wizards presented as the accredited authors of this document’s sections are copyright
to the Fighting Fantasy Gamebooks milieau originally published by Puffin Books
and have been used here due to the creation of this document necessitating it
for use with roleplaying on the world of Titan.

The concept, content and construction of the Malevola Effulgenia are entirely the product of Ordo Octopia
and are given non-for-profit as a goodwill gesture to the roleplaying and magickal communities
provisional upon inclusion of this disclaimer.

No responsibility of any of these parties is to be intended upon nor sanctioned
for free will use and distribution of the information contained herein.

The Malevola Effulgenia available in two editions;
Olde Inglyshe and Common Tongue translation,
is currently a work in progress.

©2012 Ordo Octopia

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the Black Book

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